Community Partner: Cambrian Credit Union

Since 1959, Cambrian Credit Union has grown to be one of the largest credit unions serving the Winnipeg and Selkirk marketplaces. They are an organization whose core values of integrity, innovation and honesty, and whose substantial focus on community, compliments their connection with Folklorama.

For nearly twenty years, Cambrian Credit Union and Folklorama have had a strong relationship. Cambrian has been proudly supporting Folklorama’s Ambassador Program as title sponsors since the beginning of the partnership. On top of that, Cambrian also provides 4 professional development scholarships for the winners of the Folklorama Ambassadors’ General competition, to put towards ongoing studies and education.

Cambrian’s objective of bringing people together to share in success and build strong foundations is akin to the mission of Folklorama’s Ambassador Program: unite, enlighten, and supply a sturdy foundation for cultural understanding and acceptance.

The Ambassador Program encourages youth, aged 14-25, to get involved in their communities, connect with their roots and meet other new people. The program provides networking opportunities, work experience and instills a sense of pride in celebrating heritage and a respect for other cultures.

This mutual partnership connects the staff at Cambrian, the many communities involved in Folklorama, and the society at large here in Manitoba, as both organizations support, celebrate and promote cultural diversity. They share the common goal of making workplaces and communities stronger, more vibrant and a more enjoyable place to live.

We would like to thank Cambrian Credit Union for their continued support. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Folklorama, contact Kim Morphy at [email protected] .