What is #CelebrateEverything?

A Guide to Improving Inclusion Through Celebration

Folklorama is proud to be a part of and commit to a local psychology-based initiative, #CelebrateEverything, that improves inclusion in our city and brings the community together. #CelebrateEverything recognizes cultural celebrations of all Manitobans, over and above traditionally celebrated holidays, moving to become truly multicultural. Our commitment also includes adjusting human resource policies to ensure staff have paid time off to observe and recognize significant cultural occasions.

Folklorama has been imperative in creating and bringing life to our shared stories, honouring our commonalities, and celebrating our diversity. However, to truly move into a shared future of inclusivity, we need to move beyond placing value on any one holiday. #CelebrateEverything allows us to move ahead with intention and educate on the significance of holidays and occasions that reflect the true fabric of the people of Manitoba.

Founded in values of respect for people, appreciation for diversity, integrity, and respect for culture, Folklorama looks forward to having you #CelebrateEverything with us!

Our Inspiration

The acknowledgement of diverse cultural holidays at Folklorama builds on the #CelebrateEverything campaign created by the Clinic Psychology Team under the umbrella of the WinnLove Public Mental Health Initiative led by Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman, Clinical Director, Clinic Psychology Manitoba and Principal, Lead with Diversity

Keep Learning

We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Abdulrehman to learn more about the origins of the #CelebrateEverything campaign and his aspirations for the future.

Featured Holidays

#CelebrateEverything with us by learning more about the holidays and occasions that reflect the true fabric of the people of Manitoba.

Please note that this page will be updated throughout the year as we continuously share celebrations and work towards a future of inclusivity.

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