#CelebrateEverything with Dr. Abdulrehman

In a world that increasingly needs a broader appreciation and understanding of multiculturalism, Folklorama is taking steps towards greater inclusivity by recognizing and honouring diverse cultural holidays. In addition to a year-long campaign to share stories of the rich and diverse ways Manitobans celebrate cultural occasions, Folklorama staff will now be encouraged to take up to two additional days off per year to participate in their own cultural, spiritual or religious holiday celebrations.

This celebration of the cultural richness of Manitoba isn’t a random occurrence; it’s part of a larger movement fueled by the #CelebrateEverything campaign.

The #CelebrateEverything campaign, led by the Clinic Psychology Team as part of the WinnLove Public Mental Health Initiative, is the creation of Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman. Dr. Abdulrehman, Clinical Director at Clinic Psychology Manitoba and Principal of Lead with Diversity is more than a psychologist – he’s a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. His expertise extends beyond traditional therapy sessions; he is a speaker, trainer, and coach known for his ability to create lasting change to thought, emotion, and behaviour.

With a wealth of experience as a consulting and clinical psychologist, Dr. Abdulrehman has worked with broad and international clients, including industry giants like Google/YouTube, The Government of Canada and Manitoba, and the Mastercard Foundation.

Dr. Abdulrhehman’s impact doesn’t stop there. As the host of the thought-provoking podcast “Different People”, he delves into the difficult conversations surrounding racism. His TEDx talk on “Resolving Unconscious Bias” sheds light on the crucial first steps towards combating systemic racism: acknowledging our own biases.

Through his platforms testbias.com and livingwithracism.com, Dr. Abdulrehman continues to champion the cause of inclusivity, both locally and internationally. His efforts extend to many communities, where he’s actively involved in initiatives like supporting refugees from the Middle East.

Perhaps most notably, Dr. Abdulrehman’s work continues to play a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative of our city. Once labeled “the most racist city in Canada” by Macleans Magazine, his #CelebrateEverything campaign strives to transform Winnipeg into a beacon of inclusivity and acceptance.

Folklorama is honoured to collaborate with Dr. Abdulrehman in advancing Manitoba towards a collective future of inclusivity, by fostering understanding and appreciation for holidays and occasions that resonate with and reflect all Manitobans. We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Abdulrehman to learn more about the origins of the #CelebrateEverything campaign and his aspirations for the journey ahead.