Board Member Feature: Peter Parboji

Peter has been involved with Folklorama in various capacities for almost twenty years. Starting as a child performing at the Indo-Caribbean Paradise Pavilion (originally Indo-Tropical Paradise), he eventually served as an Ambassador and Entertainment Coordinator.

Peter joined the Board of Directors in 2022. After serving a term on the Finance & Audit Committee, he became Chair, Finance & Audit Committee this year after serving a term on the committee. Peter has also chaired the Scholarship Committee.

In his spare time, Peter can be found throughout the year still drumming and performing at Indo-Caribbean cultural events around Winnipeg. He has greatly enjoyed working with all the new people he has met in his time on the Folklorama Board of Directors.

Peter Parboji is a Chartered Professional Accountant currently working as a Process & Operations Lead, Finance at Tundra Oil & Gas.