Ambassadors General

Our Ambassadors General embody Folklorama’s mission of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. They represent the organization throughout the year at events and in the media.

2020-2021 Ambassadors General

Calvin Loi, 2020-2021 Adult Ambassador General (Chinese Pavilion)
Donovan Martin, 2020-2021 Youth Ambassador General (Caribbean Pavilion)
Vivian Shen, 2020-2021 Youth Ambassador General (Chinese Pavilion)
Jan-Michael Reyes, 2020-2021 Adult Ambassador General (Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion)

How are they selected? Through an annual juried interview and public speaking competition, Pavilion Ambassadors compete to win their respective titles.

Look for them out and about during the Festival and all year long!

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Ambassadors General

Being an Ambassador General over the last 2 years has been a highlight of my experience in Winnipeg. As I prepare for school in a new city now, I’m grateful to this role for what it’s taught me.

My position in the festival let me get used to taking the first step in making those around me feel welcome and invited in whatever I was doing. Through Folklorama, I was able to see what a difference a dedicated team of volunteers can make—and now that I have this experience, I’m excited to see where my volunteering takes me next. Whether it’s in my classes, at a club, or through my future career, I know there will always be a place where I can apply the skills I’ve learned from Folklorama.

Vivian Shen

2020-2021 Ambassadors General

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