Folklorama at Home

Take Folklorama home – any day of the week – all year long!

Celebrating a special milestone birthday or anniversary? Want to spice up your backyard BBQ? Folklorama at Home is the solution. Whether it is on your driveway, at the community centre, or in your backyard (meeting government regulations, of course), Folklorama at Home can take your dream come true all year long.

Book your Folklorama at Home event by contacting or (204) 982-6210 or 1 (800) 665-0234.

Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks to book your event.

When you book one of our “at” programs, you are supporting a local ethno-cultural artist, restaurant, and/or caterer in your community.

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The Reviews Are In!

What an amazing experience!!  I never expected it would be just like going to Folklorama and with an even more personable component.  The dancers were beyond belief amazing!  The band duo knew exactly what to play. And we loved it!  Everyone was so friendly, they felt like family.  And the food! Spectacular!  My guests and myself were over the moon.  Thank you so much to Christian for planning everything and making sure it exceeded all of my expectations. And a special thank you to Zoloto Ukrainian Dance Ensemble  Truly more than I could have ever imagined. Something my family will cherish forever.  Thank You!
Thank you so much for setting up the entertainment! It was fantastic. We are huge fans of Folkarama and we’re so disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy the pavilions this year but tonight was possibly even better!  You are doing an amazing job, keep it up!
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