Folklorama provides a variety of fun and engaging volunteer opportunities for our robust network of volunteers. Whether you would like to volunteer at one of our Pavilions, help out at one of our special events, or give us a hand at the Folklorama office, there are many ways to get involved.

Join Team Folklorama: Volunteer Applications for Festival 2024 are now open!

Current volunteer opportunities:

  • Folklorama Tour Guides (must be 18+)
  • VIP Tour Registration Volunteers
  • Special Events Volunteers (outside of Festival)
  • Folklorama Office Volunteers
  • Pavilion Volunteers

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Team Folklorama, our volunteer program, provides a variety of fun and engaging volunteer opportunities to our robust network of volunteers. Whether it is volunteering at one of our pavilions, special events, or assisting in our Folklorama office! There are many benefits to volunteering, including being part of a new community, increased confidence, networking opportunities, supporting local organizations, and learning about new cultures. There are also tangible benefits like passes to pavilions, discounts on group tours, and more!

The role of the Folklorama Youth Council (FYC) is to come up with new initiatives for Team Folklorama that live the mission and vision of the organization, plan and execute Team Folklorama Events in line with these initiatives and invite and encourage youth to participate in and attend events by sharing with their personal and professional networks. The purpose of all Team Folklorama events is to engage and encourage the participation of youth in Folklorama as a whole, outside of Festival months and throughout the year to ensure succession occurs and the organization thrives for years to come.

If you would like to get involved with Team Folklorama or the Folklorama Youth Council, please contact: Katie Green, Folklorama’s Coordinator, Member & Festival Services at (204) 982-6213 or [email protected]

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