Meet Emily Leskiw, 2023 Scholarship Recipient

As we move through the second half of the school year, high school and post-secondary students are seeking avenues of financial support to help support their educational aspirations. Among the options, the Mark & Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence stands out as a fantastic opportunity for individuals who demonstrate involvement in preserving ethno-cultural heritage.

Emily Leskiw has always been fueled by her passion for her Ukrainian culture and community. From her early days assisting in her mother’s kindergarten classroom, enriching young minds through the Ukrainian Bilingual program, to her dedicated involvement volunteering with the Ukrainian Park Catholic Children’s camp that she herself attended growing up – Emily has left an indelible mark. Her contributions extend to the Ukraine Kyiv Pavilion, where she has served in various rules.

“I have been involved with Folklorama for a few years now,” states Emily. “I have been able to work in various areas of the Ukraine Kyiv Pavilion, including as Youth Ambassador in 2022. Most recently, I have been running the social media accounts for the Pavilion.”

It was during her time as Youth Ambassador that Emily first heard of the Mark & Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence, a collaborative endeavor between Folklorama and the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba since 2002.

Reflecting on her receipt of the scholarship, Emily shares “I am very proud to have received the scholarship. I take great pride in my involvement with Folklorama and the Ukrainian community. It’s been great to be involved with an organization that promotes the cultural diversity in Manitoba and allows each culture to shine individually and as a whole through Folklorama.”

Today, Emily is currently pursuing a degree in Finance and Marketing and remains an integral presence within the local Ukrainian community.

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