Crafting Connections: Our Collaboration with Emma Singh Creative

Tell us about yourself and Emma Singh Creative?

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Emma Singh Creative (ESC) specializes in organizing and designing impactful events. Our Canadian Event Planning, Production, and Design Studio offers a comprehensive range of services to clients across Canada and beyond. Whether it’s a large-scale multi-day event, an exclusive VIP gathering, or a breathtaking Gala, our award-winning team is there to coordinate, design, and execute every detail.

Corporate Events, Brand Activations, Gala Dinners, Incentive Programs, and Social Celebrations are among the types of events we excel at planning. We have a true passion for creating sophisticated and memorable experiences that commemorate life’s special moments in a modern and inspiring way. As one of the country’s leading event planners and designers, we take great pride in the recognition we receive from our colleagues, partners and clients.

What is your history with Folklorama, how long have you been a partner?

From a young child, Emma has actively participated in Folklorama, dedicating her time to both performing and volunteering in her community Pavilion. From a tender age, she was instilled with the significance of her West Indian heritage and the importance of upholding long-standing customs and traditions. She comprehended the value of embracing diversity and respecting all individuals, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. As she grew older, Emma assumed greater leadership responsibilities, such as organizing the Pavilion’s entertainment, ultimately leading her to secure a position at the Folklorama Talent Agency (formerly known as F.A.C.E.S).

Collaborating with Christian and the Folklorama Operations team had always been Emma’s aspiration, and as she pursued her studies at the U of M, she realized that her connection to the Festival was bound to endure. Following her graduation from University, Emma established her own Event Management company, which was formerly known as Events by Emma Corporation. She formed a close partnership with Folklorama, enabling her to provide her clients with diverse and captivating entertainment from various parts of the world for their events. For more than two decades, Emma has maintained her association with Folklorama, and she eagerly anticipates the continuation of their collaboration.

Photo by Charmaine Mallari Photography

What does being involved with Folklorama and the Ethno-Cultural Arts program mean to you and the ESCTeam?

Throughout the past twenty years, Emma has forged a robust alliance with Folklorama, offering ethno-cultural entertainment and learning experiences at her over 200+ events a year. Emma thoroughly enjoys collaborating with Folklorama and engaging with diverse cultural communities and artists, aiming to foster cultural recognition, commemorate diversity, and unite our community through events and celebrations!

Photo by Charmaine Mallari Photography

What do you enjoy most about our Partnership?

Collaborating with various individuals like Christian and Marina as well as all the talented artists, is something we truly enjoy. Our goal is to create captivating shows and entertainment that leave our guests in awe at our events, sparking conversations about the incredible talent we have in Winnipeg and the importance of culture and diversity. In an ever-evolving world, we must instill and embrace the idea of #CelebrateEverything, not just during Folklorama but also at all occasions and festivities throughout the year.