New Member Feature: Chinese Senior Music Club of Manitoba

James Page has long been captivated by the allure of music. His journey began in the halls of the Nanjing Arts Institute, a top music school in Jiangsu, China, where his talent was honed in the artistry of the Chinese bamboo flute and piano.

Upon his arrival in Canada in 2013, James was quickly woven into the fabric of the community and performed at the Chinese Pavilion during the Folklorama Festival. The following year, he assumed the position of Pavilion Coordinator and General Director.

Jame’s devotion to the local arts community continued to grow. He became a member of the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts, then went on to become the Art Director and Stage Manager for Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts and Choral Director for the Winnipeg Han Feng (Chinese) Choir.

“Music is a very important part of a culture,” states James. “It’s a very direct way to show people your culture. It’s very important to my group – no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to play and join a music event. Music brings people together!”

Recognizing the need for more Chinese representation in music events around Manitoba, James dreamt up and started the “Chinese Senior Music Club of Manitoba”, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading public health knowledge and enhancing the well-being of the residents in the Chinese community through seminars on health and activities that promote exercise and entertainment.

“I also started to plan and organize a lot of different events for the Chinese community in Winnipeg to build bridges between Chinese newcomers and the local Winnipeg community, and to help newcomers make the most of life here,” states James.

From hosting and producing his own musical events such as the annual Chinese singing competition and talent shows tailored for the vibrant spirit of Chinese youth, to orchestrating ballroom dance soirees for seniors – every endeavor is meant to foster community bonds.

Becoming a Folklorama member, James seeks to embolden his mission of cultural unity, promoting a network of ethno-cultural exchange of arts and talents with the broader community.

“I became a member because my whole family loves Folklorama,” says James. “This is my parents’ favourite cultural festival in the city. I remember the first time my parents came to Canada in 2018, I took them to about 20 Pavilions in one week! Becoming a member is a way that I can be involved and support Folklorama better!”

Thank you, James, and the Chinese Senior Music Club of Manitoba, for your dedication to showcasing various aspects of your culture through music and community building initiatives.