Here are some frequently asked questions to assist in your planning!


Which Pavilions are back for 2022?

Folklorama is thrilled to be back for its 51st Festival. Plan your Pavilion visits here!

Where are the Pavilions located?

Folklorama gratefully acknowledges that we create, connect, and celebrate on Treaty One territory – original land of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Ojibway, Dene, and Dakota peoples, and homeland of the Métis nation. We are committed to building relationships and sharing knowledge, and cultural understanding of all communities. Understanding our diversity fosters pride and mutual respect. The Folklorama Travel Guide is back for all your Festival planning needs and includes a comprehensive Pavilion map! View digital Travel Guide .

How do I get to the Pavilions?

Folklorama encourages you to research the area your destination is in to figure out the best parking/transportation options for you. Please reference the Folklorama Travel Guide for tips as well. Think about taking a local transit bus Winnipeg Transit – Find a Route or don’t worry about driving at all and go on our VIP Tours!

Can I reserve my seating at a Pavilion in advance?

Only certain Pavilions take dinner reservations. At Pavilions that do not accept reservations, seating is first-come, first-serve. Volunteers are on hand to help with any accessibility needs. To find out which Pavilions offer reservations, check out the Travel Guide.

I am missing my favourite Pavilion, where did it go?

There are so many amazing communities that makeup Folklorama. Putting on a Pavilion is a large undertaking that is done by very dedicated volunteers. Due to the nature of the pandemic, some Pavilions are unable to come back in 2022. We look forward to many returning and new Pavilions joining the Folklorama family in the years to come. Folklorama encourages you to try a Pavilion you haven’t been to before!

How does Folklorama work with local ethno-cultural communities?

All Pavilions are part of the Folklorama family– our membership. Each year they apply to be a Pavilion and Folklorama works with them to ensure their success. Minus a percentage of the admissions at the door, all money made in the Pavilions stays in the Pavilions. When you support a Pavilion, you are supporting their local community and the programs that they run to help culture thrive and survive.

I won a contest through a local media outlet. How do I claim my prize?

Follow the instructions on the back of the ticket. If you have any other questions, please contact our front desk at (204) 982-6810 or marketing@folklorama.ca.

Are there any outdoor Pavilions?

While all Folklorama Pavilions are hosted at indoor venues, there are some Pavilions that have outdoor components with activities, food, and beverage outside. They include Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion and the Italian Pavilion.


What accommodations are made at Pavilions for accessibility?

The comfort of our Folklorama guests is very important to all. Folklorama is committed to adhering to The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. We strive to make every effort to provide accessible access to events and materials who need them. Please refer to the Folklorama Travel Guide for all your needs. If you should have any questions, please reach out to us at info@folklorama.ca or call 204-982-6210.


I can’t attend Folklorama this year, but I want to support. How can I do so?

Launched on August 4, 2020, The Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund was established to align with Folklorama’s mandate of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. This Fund will provide Folklorama members access to funds to support their ongoing or new projects that celebrate, educate, promote, and preserve culture. Support youth in the preservation of their intangible culture for years to come. Click here to learn more and to donate. Note: The grant process will start in 2022.

Food Options

I have food allergies, what can I eat at each Pavilion?

The Folklorama Travel Guide is your one-stop planning option. In the Travel Guide, you can find which Pavilions cater to which dietary accommodations. Please note: Pavilions cannot guarantee an allergen-free zone and may contain potential allergens which may cause an adverse reaction. If you have any allergies to food or environmental elements that may negatively affect you, please use caution before entering a Pavilion or ordering food and beverage.

Can I bring my own food and drink to Pavilions?

Outside food and drink are prohibited. However, baby food and formula are permitted.

I love a dish I had at one of your Pavilions. How can I get the recipe?

Folklorama is known for its food! We were even named one of the Top 10 2019 Best Festivals for Food in North America by Forbes Magazine – so you’re not alone! Please e-mail marketing@folklorama.ca and we will do our best to track down the recipe for you.

Group Tours

Can I bring a group of people – like a bachelorette or birthday party – to Folklorama?

Yes! Whether you are looking at a two or three Pavilion experience, contact our Group Tours department to book your customized tour or VIP Tour! Click here to see Folklorama’s tour options.

I’m interested in your VIP Tours, but I don’t have a group – can I still come?

Yes! Click here to look at your VIP Tour options – from walking tours, cycle tours, and bus tours. There’s something for everyone!

I’m from outside of Winnipeg and would like to bring a tour group to Folklorama – is this possible?

Folklorama is proud to host thousands of tour guests from around the world each year. Please contact our Manager, Group Tours Program to arrange your details at tours@folklorama.ca!

I’m from outside of Winnipeg and would like to bring a tour group to Folklorama – but it’s not during the Festival. What can be done for my group?

Folklorama Group Tours program can help create a mini Folklorama, ethno-cultural workshops, food events, and more for your guests. Please contact our Manager, Group Tours Program to arrange your details at tours@folklorama.ca.

Tell me more about the VIP Tour options.

Every night, different VIP Tours roll out from all around Winnipeg. Click here to see the different options. Travel with us today! 


What are the ticket options?

There are so many to choose from! From individual Pavilion visits to Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Packs, or VIP Tours! Click here to start your adventure! 

I want to attend a certain show and it’s sold out. How can I go?

Folklorama highly advises that you plan your Folklorama experience in advance. Tickets sell out quickly, so planning early will avoid any missed opportunities. Folklorama does offer VIP Tours that include transportation, food options, and guaranteed seating. Click here for options. 

Are my children’s ticket free still free?

Yes, children 12 and under are still free when accompanied by a paying adult admission (maximum 5 children per adult). Even though it is a free ticket, it must be booked to secure entrance into the Pavilion. For Admissions information, click here.

I want to attend more than one Pavilion – is there a discount for buying more?

Yes! The Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack is an admission option available to guests which allow for the purchase of 10 tickets at a discounted rate. Tickets must be purchased online and do not need to be used at one time. Purchasing a multi-pack provides a $10 discount, but each ticket still has a $1.00 service fee. The total price with the service fee is $70.00. Click here to purchase your Multi-Pack today.

I want to change my time on my ticket or give to another person. How do I do this?

Tickets are non-transferable, except in the event of illness. Transferable guidelines are determined by Folklorama, not the Pavilion. Folklorama shall not be required to refund any fees or charges paid in addition to the face value of the ticket (for example, any service charge). In the event of illness, please contact the Folklorama office at (204) 982-6210 or info@folklorama.ca.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

Tickets are non-refundable, except in the event of illness. Refund guidelines are determined by Folklorama, not the Pavilion. Folklorama shall not be required to refund any fees or charges paid in addition to the face value of the ticket (for example, any service charge). In the event of illness, please contact the Folklorama office at (204) 982-6210 or info@folklorama.ca.

Are tickets being sold at the door?

Tickets are sold at the door, but Folklorama recommends purchasing your ticket in advance online to guarantee you can get into a Pavilion.

How do I select the date and time for my ticket?

To select your preferred date and time, go to the ‘Find a Pavilion‘ page. Click on the Pavilion you would like to visit, then click “Buy Tickets”. A slide-out will appear on the righthand side of the screen. Find the date and showtime you would like to attend and click “Buy Tickets”. Dates and times that are sold out will not be available for selection. Capacity limits are in place for each date and time slot.

I never received a confirmation e-mail for my ticket. What do I do?

Please check the “Junk” folder in your email. If it’s not there, please contact the Folklorama office who can reissue your ticket. They can be reached at tickets@folklorama.ca or call 204-982-6210 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. During the Festival, Folklorama office hours are: Saturdays, Sundays, and Terry Fox Day (Monday, Aug 1): 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Tuesdays – Fridays and Monday, Aug 8: 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

What time do the performances start?

Please refer to the Travel Guide to plan your day/night.

I heard about your Monday and Tuesday 9:45 p.m. shows are only $1.00 – is that true?

Yes, thanks to a grant from the Manitoba Government, all of the Monday and Tuesday 9:45 p.m. shows are $1.00 per guest. No promotional code is required.

I want to view all the tickets I’ve purchased at once. Can I do this?

Yes. Go to the ticket portal at tickets.folklorama.ca and create an account using the email address you used to purchase the tickets. Once you’ve created an account, all purchases associated with that email address will appear.

How can I access the ticket portal?

Open your ticket confirmation email and click the “Ticket Portal” button, or open a web browser and type in tickets.folklorama.ca.

My login isn’t working on the ticket portal. What now?

Please contact the office. They can be reached at info@folklorama.ca or Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. During the Festival, Folklorama office hours are: Saturdays, Sundays, and Terry Fox Day (Monday, Aug 1): 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Tuesdays – Fridays and Monday, Aug 8: 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

How do I redeem my Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack admissions?

After you purchase your Multi-Pack, you will be sent a promotional (promo) code to your e-mail address. Choose which Pavilions you want to visit and when you go check out, you will see a space to type in that code. When you enter your code, you will see the ticket goes to $0.

Why did ticket prices go up?

After consultation with our Pavilions, Folklorama raised the ticket price by $1.00 in order to cover additional operating costs. Folklorama has not raised its pricing in over 13 years.

Ethno-Cultural Arts Programs

Are the Ethno-Cultural Arts programs Folklorama at Home, Folklorama at Work, Folklorama at School still running?

Yes, even during the Festival, you can book your own Folklorama at Home, Folklorama at Work, and Folklorama at School program. E-mail our office directly if you have a vision you want to see become reality.

Health & Safety

What safety precautions are Folklorama taking to reduce my risk?

The health and safety of our guests and volunteers are our top priority. Taking into account the high vaccination rate of Manitobans, feedback from our Pavilions, and consultation with public health authorities, Folklorama will proceed with the policy that masks are encouraged, not required. In addition to an already robust health and safety program, Pavilions also will be certified in the Manitoba Tourism Education Council’s Clean it Right program. Vaccination cards will not be required. In addition to the Food Handlers certification, each Pavilion is required to implement its own increased cleaning protocols to supplement already well-established cleaning processes. For our bus tours, our transportation team has undergone some incredible measures from airflow filters and hand sanitizer machines, to disinfection with UV light to hygiene foggers and sanitization stations.

What safety precautions can I take to reduce my risk?

Managing our own comfort is extremely important. If you prefer to wear a mask, we encourage it. If you feel comfortable not wearing a mask, it is your choice.

Why are you not mandating a vaccination status?

Folklorama is in ongoing conversation with Manitoba Health. With a vaccination rate of over 80% within the province, Public Health has advised that the risk of severe illness has been significantly mitigated. Based on that recommendation, the Festival will proceed without the requirement for proof of vaccination.

Why did Folklorama choose to go ahead with this health recommendation?

The health and safety of our guests are our number one priority. As of March 14, 2022, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Roussin terminated all public health orders. After seeking further consultation from Manitoba Health, Folklorama will proceed with the following: Masks are encouraged, not required. This includes all Pavilion volunteers working in all areas, attendees, and performers. Vaccination cards will also not be required. Should this change and the Manitoba Government put forth any additional mandates/restrictions leading up to and including the time of the Festival, Folklorama will align as required. Folklorama will keep you up to date on any changes moving forward.

I’m not ready to attend yet – do you have another option?

Folklorama understands that there are different comfort levels for everyone. Unfortunately, due to the expense of providing an online system in each Pavilion, Folklorama is unable to accommodate a virtual option currently. However, if you are missing a certain Pavilion, do contact our Ethno-Cultural Arts division, as they can arrange a Folklorama at Home or Folklorama at Work party. Click here to contact them.


How can I apply to be a vendor at a Pavilion?

Contact the Folklorama office with what you would like to sell and our staff can connect you with the right Pavilion coordinator. They can be reached at info@folklorama.ca or call 204-982-6210 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


How can I apply to be a volunteer?

Team Folklorama, our volunteer program, provides a variety of fun and engaging volunteer opportunities to our robust network of volunteers. Whether it is volunteering at one of our Pavilions, special events, or assisting in our Folklorama office! There are many benefits to volunteering, including being part of a new community, increased confidence, networking opportunities, supporting local organizations, and learning about new cultures. There are also tangible benefits like passes to Pavilions, discounts on group tours, and more! If you would like to get involved with Team Folklorama or the Folklorama Youth Council, please contact: Katie Green, Folklorama’s Coordinator, Member & Festival Services at (204) 982-6213 or kgreen@folklorama.ca

Do I have to be vaccinated to be a volunteer?

No, you do not have to be vaccinated to be a volunteer. You do require a criminal record and child abuse registry check at your own expense.

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