Here are some frequently asked questions to assist in your planning!


What’s new at Folklorama this year?

Stay tuned!

When I purchase my ticket, does that guarantee me a seat?

When you purchase your ticket, you are guaranteed entry but not a seat. We strongly recommend arriving 30-40 minutes before your show time to get a seat. If you prefer reserved seating, we recommend you go on one of the V.I.P. tours. To learn more about our V.I.P. Tour offerings, click here.

Can I show up at any Folklorama Pavilion and buy my tickets at the door?

Yes, you may purchase tickets at the door of any of our Pavilions as long as they still have tickets available. To guarantee entrance into a Pavilion, we encourage you to purchase tickets online in advance. Please note: tickets are sold online up to one hour before the show.

I want to bring a tour group into Winnipeg to visit the Festival, and I’m looking for more day time activities to add to our itinerary. Do you have any advice?

You are in luck! We are your one-stop-shop. Our Group Sales advisors can plan your entire itinerary from start to stop – including hotel! Contact our Group Sales advisors to get your trip planning started.

I realize each Pavilion is at a different venue, but what is the accessibility like for each?

2022 Accessibility Guide coming soon.

I want to start a Pavilion. How do I go about doing so?

For information on how to open a Pavilion, click here.

I love a dish I had at one of your Pavilions. How can I get the recipe?

Folklorama is known for its food! We were even named one of the Top 10 2019 Best Festivals for Food in North America by Forbes Magazine – so you’re not alone! Please e-mail marketing@folklorama.ca and we will do our best to track down the recipe for you.

I won a contest through a local media outlet. How do I claim my prize?

Follow the instructions on the back of the ticket. If you have any other questions, please contact our front desk at (204) 982-6810 or marketing@folklorama.ca.

I really enjoyed the entertainment at Folklorama. Can I book it for my work Gala, party, or classroom?

Yes, you can! Folklorama is home to its own Ethno-Cultural Arts Division featuring over 100 diverse performers – we can something for everyone! Contact our Ethno-Cultural Arts Division today at bookings@folklorama.ca or (204) 982-6210.

Team Folklorama

How do I become a part of Team Folklorama?

Team Folklorama, brought to you by Manitoba Hydro, is a platform for Folklorama current and past youth volunteers (ages 14 to 25 years old) to stay in touch with each other throughout the year, while continuing their connection to Folklorama. Team Folklorama year-round activities are designed to promote Folklorama in the community; provide work experience, mentorship and skill-building opportunities, strengthen bonds within the volunteer community, and develop year-round engagement with Folklorama’s programs and mandate. If you would like to get involved with Team Folklorama please contact: Katie Green, Coordinator, Member and Festival Services, kgreen@folklorama.ca

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