Here are some frequently asked questions to assist in your planning!


Why didn’t Folklorama hold their traditional two-week Festival this year?

In the fall of last year, Folklorama surveyed our communities and the public to capture peoples’ perspectives and concerns when it came to hosting a pavilion and attending a pavilion with COVID-19 playing a factor.  With safety concerns of their volunteers and pavilion guests, as well as financial risks associated with hosting a pavilion under COVID-19 restrictions, the consensus was it would not be feasible or responsible to host a traditional festival, but that they did not want to outright cancel celebrations altogether. Working collectively with the communities, the idea of a Fusion event came to life.

Are your performers from outside of Manitoba?

Folklorama is fortunate to work with some of the best ethno-cultural artists in the world, all of which are from Manitoba.


How is Folklorama being Covid-safe?

At Folklorama, safety is our number one priority for all those involved. Here are the many ways we plan on keeping our performers, staff, and crew safe behind the scenes. We will be abiding by the Public Health Orders with respect to indoor gathering restrictions. *Face masks are mandatory and must be always worn even if individuals have been vaccinated. *Face masks may be removed by performers while on stage only. *Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations readily available and mandated upon entry. *Social distancing in effect. *Directional signage in place. *Temperature checks for all performers, staff, and crew involved in the shows. *Microphones are sanitized following each performance, as well as any back line equipment. *Only upcoming performers will be near the stage area and must be six feet apart. The performers have been pre-screened and are from the same “bubble” or cohort. *Appropriate spacing between dancers, singers, and musical instrument players to allow for social distancing requirements.

Online Access to the Show

Do I have to pay to watch the show?

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, the Fusion event will be free of charge. To get your free access link, please sign up at Folklorama.ca/signup. This will also provide you with some of the behind-the-scenes, exclusive information.

How do I select the date and time for my access link?

Because you have taken the time to sign-up for the behind-the-scenes news, we will be e-mailing you the link leading up to it and each day. It’s that easy!

Is there a different show each night?

Yes, there are different themed shows each night that you can enjoy. See the performance schedule here.

What do I need to watch this?

The shows will be broadcasted through YouTube live. This show can be viewed on any device (computer, television, iPad, etc.) with internet access. 

What platform will the show be broadcasted on?

The show will be broadcasted live through YouTube.  YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform.

I never received a confirmation e-mail with my access link. What do I do?

We apologize that you have not received your link. Please contact the Folklorama office so they can send you your exclusive access link.  They can be reached at info@folklorama.ca or by phone Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at (204) 982-6210 or August 6th – 8th, from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Please note: some e-mail addresses have high security settings and may inadvertently block emails sent by Folklorama.  Please double check your junk or spam folders for any missing emails.

Can I sign-up for multiple dates?

Once you have signed up on Folklorama.ca/signup, you are in and will be sent links for each night.

What time do the performances start?

Every night, the performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. C.S.T. (Central Standard Time). However, we encourage you to tune in at 7:00 p.m. C.S.T. to catch some behind-the-scenes action prior to the show start.

The emailed show link does not work.

Please contact the Folklorama office. They can be reached at info@folklorama.ca or by phone Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  at (204) 982-6210 or August 6th – 8th, from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

I cannot watch the show live but I want to watch it another time – will it be on YouTube to view later?

Yes, the links to all three shows will be up on the Folklorama YouTube for the next three weeks!


What accessibility measures are you taking?

Online, we are creating closed captioning* as well as a website and online sign-up platform that are accessible. If you require any other supports, please contact our office directly at (204) 982-6210 or via e-mail at info@folklorama.ca.  Alternatively, you can also search for “Folklorama” on YouTube or Facebook when the event goes live.

Ethno-Cultural Food Week

Why was Ethno-Cultural Food Week created?

When Folklorama surveyed the public, the consensus was unanimous: People missed the food!  Ethno-Cultural Food Week gives people an opportunity to try Folklorama fan favourite food while supporting local businesses.

I haven’t received my food yet – when will it arrive?

Folklorama recommends contacting the specific restaurant that you ordered from directly. Folklorama does not manage food orders.

Why did you choose the restaurants that are listed?

Folklorama first approached restaurants that were connect to our cultural communities.  After that, Folklorama approached all businesses that were in the Winnipeg area.

How can my restaurant become a part of this great opportunity?

If your restaurant would like to be part of Ethno-Cultural Food Week, please contact Katie Green, Coordinator, Member and Festival Services, at kgreen@folklorama.ca for more information.

Ethno-Cultural Virtual Marketplace

What is the Ethno-Cultural Virtual Marketplace?

The Ethno-Cultural Virtual Marketplace was created to resemble the marketplaces you see at Folklorama pavilions.  Knowing there has been almost two years of lost revenue, Folklorama wanted to create this opportunity to recognize and support local businesses during this difficult time.

How do I become a vendor at the Ethno-Cultural Virtual Marketplace?

To become a vendor, please contact Katie Green, Coordinator, Member and Festival Services, at kgreen@folklorama.ca for more information.

I have not received my purchase(s) from the Ethno-Cultural Virtual Marketplace.

Folklorama does not manage sales transactions. Please contact the vendor directly for assistance.

50/50 Raffle

Who benefits from the money raised from the 50/50 raffle?

Launched on August 4, 2020, The Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund was established to align with Folklorama’s mandate of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding.  This Fund will provide Folklorama members access to funds to support their ongoing or new projects for children and youth that celebrate, educate, promote, and preserve culture. Buy your 50/50 tickets here! Learn more or donate directly to the Fund here.

I want to buy a 50/50 ticket but I don’t want to buy it on the website. Can I still get a ticket?

Yes, you can. Please contact the Folklorama office to purchase a ticket. They can be reached at info@folklorama.ca or by phone Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at (204) 982-6210.

I am from outside Manitoba; can I purchase a 50/50 ticket?

Unfortunately, due to lottery regulations, this raffle is only open to residents of Manitoba or those currently within the Province of Manitoba.

When is the Folklorama 50/50 draw?

The draw will take place Monday, August 16th at 9:00 a.m. C.S.T.

Do you have a raffle license?

Yes, the license number is LICENCE #LGCA-3001-RF-35437.

Team Folklorama

How do I become a part of Team Folklorama?

Team Folklorama – Youth Division is a platform for Folklorama current and past youth volunteers (ages 14 to 25 years old) to stay in touch with each other throughout the year, while continuing their connection to Folklorama. Team Folklorama year-round activities are designed to promote Folklorama in the community; provide work experience, mentorship and skill-building opportunities, strengthen bonds within the volunteer community, and develop year-round engagement with Folklorama’s programs and mandate. If you would like to get involved with Team Folklorama please contact: Katie Green, Coordinator, Member and Festival Services, kgreen@folklorama.ca

Other Events

Are there other ways to celebrate Folklorama this summer?

Yes, there are many ways to celebrate Folklorama this summer! Host your own neighbourhood or backyard Folklorama at Home program. Folklorama can bring your favourite elements to your home, condo, or even senior home. Folklorama at School programs will also be in full swing bringing ethno-cultural educational programs to children of all ages. All programs follow Covid-safe protocols. To book your event today, e-mail bookings@folklorama.ca, or call 204-982-6210.

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