Kazka Dance Collective: New Beginnings

Kristina Frykas is a new Folklorama member, but has a part of Folklorama for years. She teaches Ukrainian Dance, mainly as Director of Sopilka Ukrainian Dance School and Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. She has also been a professional ballet teacher for years, working at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for the last 20. Kristina’s heart never feels as full as it does when teaching Ukrainian Dance.

Winnipeg is home to several amazing dance schools. Due to the success of these schools, other community groups and cultural groups find themselves desperate for a safe and professional environment to rent. As Sopilka grew out of the church basement at Grant and Harrow, they had the opportunity to rent a proper dance facility for almost 8 years. Changes in management of the space and safety concerns of the neighborhood left the group without a permanent home. The growing need for accessible studio space is where the idea for Kazka was born out of.

Kazka Dance Collective is a unique organization; it offers affordable rental space to Sopilka Ukrainian Dance School, Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Winnipeg’s newest Israeli Company Kadima, and in the fall will be home to another confirmed cultural group. There are currently numerous unique class offerings; there are classes for Pilates and Hopakercise (Ukrainian Dance Fitness Fusion!), and ballet classes being offered to both children and adults.

Kristina dreams of creating programming for members so that diverse groups can come together and share their cultural dances with the community at large – which is why she felt it was a natural fit to join the Folklorama family as a member. Kristina’s goal is to raise awareness of the Kazka Dance Collective to other Folklorama members, so that if there is any group that is in need of a home, and space permits, they know they have access to an affordable and safe place for their cultural group. Kazka is offering rental space at a reduced rate for all Folklorama members!

“Being a part of Folklorama means belonging to and understanding the fabric of what it means to be a Manitoban. Our province is so unique and the pride that all the cultures have is amazing!”

Kristina’s passion for creating and sharing in culture is flourishing, as she continues to build new memories, teach her students about the stories behind the dances, and impart her love for dance and community on all who walk through the doors of Kazka.

“Kazka is the word for fairy trale in Ukrainian. This gathering of people is my fairytale come true.” – Kristina Frykas

Visit the Kazka Dance Collective website to learn more. Interested in joining the Folklorama family as a member?