Ambassadors’ General Program, More Than Just memories.

Being a Pavilion Ambassador for Folklorama is more than just a fun VIP position. It’s representing your culture, your Pavilion, and educating all on the beauty and the importance of Folklorama.

Folklorama’s Pavilion Ambassadors may not realize it at the time, but the skills gained from being an Ambassador can change someone’s life. Think about it. They get the opportunity to present themselves to the public which can increase confidence and develop skills that they need for the next step of their lives. Interacting with other Pavilion Ambassadors and being their guest at their Pavilions exposes them to all the incredible ethno-cultural communities that make Manitoba so special.

In 2014, Roshan Sadhak was the Youth Ambassador for the Tamil Pavilion. Proud of his heritage and wanting to share more, he applied to be a Folklorama Youth Ambassador General. Roshan competed with passion and determination and won.

“I remember Roshan visiting the different Pavilions, interacting with dignitaries and meeting other Ambassadors,” states Jeena Sadhak, mother of Roshan. “I remember former Folklorama Presidents talking about Roshan as the new face of leadership (in the Tamil community) immediately after his speech.”

Not only did Roshan make an incredible 2015 Youth Ambassador General, but the confidence also he gained from the experience help launch his next stage in life. In 2022, Roshan completed his MD at McMaster University, Hamilton campus, and he got into residency program at the same campus in Internal Medicine.

“I take this opportunity to thank Folklorama for playing a role in shaping Roshan’s personality”, states Sadhak. “Being an Ambassador General, he got the opportunity to develop skills as a leader and a volunteer. It gave him the confidence and helped him recognize and appreciate diversity and connect with his own cultural roots. This prepared him for his future years at University of Toronto and McMaster University.”

Congratulations, Roshan. Your Folklorama family is very proud of you.  

If you are interested in the Ambassador program, make sure you contact your Pavilion. For more information, contact Katie Green at [email protected].