Tour Story: The Globetrotters of Archwood 55 Plus

How many Pavilions have you visited? The seniors at Archwood 55 Plus are visiting cultures across the globe without stepping foot outside of Winnipeg and have been for years. You can say they’re Folklorama Tour experts.

Founded by sevens members of a former seniors’ organizations in the area, Archwood 55 Plus is a group run for seniors, by seniors. The founders wanted to create an organization where seniors can socialize, exercise, share meals, and thrive with their peers. Since it’s creation in 2011, the group has grown in numbers and cultivated a community about connections.

Looking for more ways to connect and have fun, the members heard they could create a custom bus tour to Folklorama. They immediately signed up.

“Together, we can pick our own Pavilion destinations, and enjoy all that each Pavilion has to offer”, states Bill Bees from Archwood 55 Plus. “From mouth-watering food, top notch entertainment, and hospitality that can’t be beat, Folklorama is our summer must – travelling the world without leaving the city.”

Thank you, Archwood 55 Plus for travelling with Folklorama each and every year.

If you want to be like Archwood 55 Plus as they return home with the rush normally saved for post-vacation – without the effects of jetlag, visit: for more information.