Karman Sidhu: A Journey through Foklorama

Karman Sidhu has a long history with Folklorama. His journey started at just the age of 6 performing the traditional folk dance, Bhangra at the Indian Pavilion. This led him to eventually perform at the Punjab Pavilion and he continued to become the Youth Ambassador for the Punjab Pavilion in 2014. This gave Sidhu a larger platform to be able to share and showcase his culture.

We asked Sidhu what being able to share his culture with Folklorama has meant to him.

“It means a lot of things to me. Preservation and promotion are a huge one. Preserving rich traditions, heritage, and values alive for future generations while promoting them to a wider audience.” said Sidhu. ”Sharing cultures is a form of celebration, to revel in the colours, flavours, sounds, and stories of diverse cultures. Showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each culture.”

Karman’s journey continued even further in 2022 when he became a Folklorama Adult Ambassador General to continue to share his culture. During his term being Ambassador General, he continued to teach others about his cultural heritage. He shared his love of traditional dance such as Bhangra and Giddha, how renowned and flavourful the cuisine is, alongside the Punjabi hospitality and warmth that is so present when you enter the Punjab Pavilion.

“I loved being Adult Ambassador General and meeting the great team of Folklorama. Working alongside them to push forward the mission of Folklorama ‘preserving and promoting cultural diversity’.” states Sidhu. ”It was a great experience that I will carry for the rest of my life.”

In the present day, Karman Sidhu, now 25, is a proud member of Folklorama.

“I decided to become a member of Folklorama because of my deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the arts. Folklorama offers a unique platform to showcase and celebrate the rich cultures that make up our community.” Said Sidhu. “As a member, I wanted to actively contribute to preserving and promoting the traditions, heritage, and values of different pavilions. While also learning from and connecting with people from different cultures.”

Folklorama feels so lucky to have watched Karman grow into such an advocate for celebrating diversity.

If you want to become a member of Folklorama like Karman, visit our Membership Page here.