Folklorama Northern Manitoba Initiative

In June of 2023, Folklorama, in partnership with Manitoba Hydro, drove 650 kilometers north of Winnipeg to Wabowden, Manitoba to bring Folklorama to Mel Johnson School with the goal of leaving a positive impact on the community as a part of the Folklorama Northern Manitoba Initiative.

Folklorama performing members, Brian Clyne and Clifford Spence helped lead a full day filled with interactive drumming, singing, and dancing workshops with the entire school of 135 students. These interactive workshops allowed students to actively participate and engage with the performers, making the experience more meaningful and memorable.

The day ended with an afternoon feast and mini-powwow involving the whole community! Together, Folklorama and the community in Wabowden celebrated Indigenous culture, creating lasting community connections.

“Connecting Winnipeg-based indigenous performers with northern Indigenous communities in Manitoba is an important way to preserve and share culture.” Stated Christian Hidalgo-Mazzei, Director, Ethno-Cultural Arts at Folklorama, “Thanks to Manitoba Hydro for supporting this initiative.”

Overall, the Folklorama Northern Manitoba Initiative at Mel Johnson School was a wonderful way to promote cultural diversity, education, and bring forth new community connections. It is important to continue to celebrate and honour the rich and diverse cultures that make up our communities.

A special thanks to Mel Johnson School for having us!

Folklorama would also like to thank Manitoba Hydro for their partnership with the Folklorama Northern Manitoba Initiative and for their continued support of Folklorama.