Partner Feature: Beaver Bus Lines

Beaver Bus Lines strives to provide top-quality service to all of their clients – one of those long-standing clients being Folklorama!

If you’ve ever jumped on a Folklorama Tour, you’ve been inside one of Beaver Bus Lines’ luxury motorcoach vehicles. During Folklorama 52, over 150 Tours took place, all of them – except the walking and bike tours – began inside of a Beaver Bus.

“Folklorama provides us with an incredible opportunity to showcase our company and buses,” said Rick Brown, Charter Sales Manager at Beaver Bus Lines. “As well we are proud to participate in this long-running Festival that is unique to our fair City of Winnipeg.”

With so many amazing years of Partnership comes a lot of Folklorama memories. One that comes to mind is a Custom Tour Group that hopped on their Beaver Bus all wearing brightly coloured bob wigs for a Bachelorette Party!

With every memory of a Folklorama Tour is a memory of a Beaver Bus.

It’s not just the buses that are involved with the Folklorama Festival, but all of the amazing drivers as well who work to make your Folklorama Festival experience a VIP one.

“Our drivers love getting the various happy groups to all of the Pavilions,” said Brown, “They enjoy different cultures, food, and fantastic shows.”

It is through Folklorama’s Partnership with Beaver Bus Lines that Folklorama can continue to treat our guests with a VIP experience. Thank you, Beaver Bus Lines, for your many years of Partnership with Folklorama!