Powering Folklorama Operations

What makes a non-for-profit organization like Folklorama successful, is having companies that support operational needs from software to hardware. Over the past three years, Powerland has been there.

Powerland is proud to be 100% Canadian-owned and operated. Powerland is headquartered in Winnipeg, with offices in Regina and Vancouver, as well as a presence in Calgary, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, and Southern Ontario. They plan, deploy, support, and manage technology solutions by helping their clients to transform their business, empower their workforce, and provide a better experience for their customers.

“We’re always looking to engage in organizations that have strong ties to Winnipeg and Manitoba,” states Jesse Mayer, Manager of Service Operations, Powerland. “Folklorama fit in perfectly as it met our mandate of not only the location but that it promotes and contributes to our shared community and culture. “

Powerland provides start to finish IT support for the Folklorama Operations team, helping to ensure technology can be used effectively to help further Folklorama’s vision.

“Powerland almost feels like an extension of our team,” states Richele Philippot, Executive Assistant, Folklorama. “No matter what the situation, Powerland is there to advise and assist us.  We are so grateful for them!”

Powerland is not only an IT company, but also a company that cares about the community it serves.

“We love to embrace the opportunity to share and learn more about everyone’s cultural diversity. While COVID has hampered in-person get-togethers, we strive to find ways to share each other’s culture – particularly with food – whenever possible,” states Mayer. “Since becoming a father, I’ve seen Folklorama in a whole new light though, I’m thankful for the exposure it provides my daughters and excited that they can find more ways to learn about their own cultures and those of their neighbours.”

Thank you Powerland for assisting and improving the Operations Team technical abilities…especially during such a challenging time.

If you would like to become a Folklorama partner, contact Teresa Cotroneo, Executive Director at [email protected] today.