Partner Profile: Cambrian Credit Union

For Cambrian Credit Union, Folklorama is more than just an event; it is a testament to their commitment to fostering cultural understanding and unity within the community. Their partnership with Folklorama has been a beacon of inclusivity and a symbol of their dedication to celebrating and preserving the mosaic of cultures that call Cambrian Credit Union home.

Cambrian Credit Union is proud to support the Folklorama Ambassadors and the Ambassador General Program annually. With the Ambassadors General Program, Cambrian Credit Union is invited to participate in the selection annually of the 4 Ambassadors General who represent Folklorama during the Festival. This program offers networking opportunities and valuable work experience, fostering a sense of pride in celebrating one’s heritage while promoting respect for diverse cultures.

One such highlight for Cambrian Credit Union is the prestigious Ambassadors’ General scholarship presentation. Having been involved in selecting the deserving recipients, they feel a deep sense of pride as they witness the fruition of their efforts. Presenting the scholarships was not just an honour but a reaffirmation of their belief in the power of education and cultural exchange.

“We were honoured to be a part of the Ambassadors’ General scholarship presentation,” remarked Brigitte Burgoyne, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at Cambrian Credit Union. “It was thrilling to see how it all comes together, from the competition to the final moment of awarding the scholarships. These Ambassadors represent the best of Cambrian’s commitment to cultural diversity, and we are excited to see them shine.”

As the Festival gets closer, Cambrian Credit Union eagerly awaits the opportunity to immerse themselves once again in the sights, sounds, and flavours of Folklorama. For them, each year brings new experiences, new connections, and a renewed sense of purpose.

To the Pavilion Ambassadors of 2024, Cambrian Credit Union had a simple yet profound message: have fun and embrace the significance of your role as representatives of your Pavilion and your culture.

Above all, Cambrian Credit Union is looking forward to the opportunity to bask in the warmth of diversity once again, to witness firsthand the beauty of Folklorama, and to reaffirm their commitment to building a more inclusive and harmonious community.

Cambrian Credit Union stands proud, knowing that their partnership with Folklorama has not only enriched the lives of countless individuals but has also woven the threads of unity that bound their community together. For in the tapestry of Cambrian’s cultural landscape, every thread, no matter how small, played a vital role in creating a masterpiece of diversity and harmony.