The Journey Towards #Folklorama51

Pavilion Coordinator Meeting, June 2022

Each year in the Fall, just a couple of months after Pavilion doors close, our Pavilion Coordinators begin the planning process for the following year’s Folklorama Festival.

Pavilion Coordinators wear a multitude of hats in their volunteer role and direct the overall planning, execution, and operations of a Pavilion.

“Pavilion Coordinators are a core part of their Pavilion and the continued success of the Folklorama Festival as a whole,” states Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations and Partnerships. “Each one of them comes with years of experience and a passion for their culture. It is inspiring and an honour to work alongside each one of them.”

In March of 2020, months of preparation for the 51st Folklorama Festival came to a grinding halt.

After a couple of years apart, Pavilion Coordinators met (virtually) in February 2022 to begin planning for the return of the Folklorama Festival. Many shared sentiments about how much it meant to them to see familiar Folklorama faces once again.

“Folklorama coming back is like the rebirth of our community,” states Dr. Hala Salma, Pavilion Coordinator, Egyptian Pavilion. “We are excited to live it again.”

Fast forward to today, and Pavilion Coordinators are busy pulling together final details to ensure their Pavilion is ready to welcome you in a few short weeks.

“We are very excited for the Festival to begin and showcase our Polish culture and enjoy some delicious ethnic food,” states Lucy Greniuk, Pavilion Coordinator, Polish Pavilion. “Most importantly though, we are looking forward to visiting with and seeing all the people we’ve missed since the last Festival in 2019.”

From gathering permits, scheduling volunteers and health and safety training, and ensuring all areas of the Pavilion are ready to go for opening night – and everything in between – our Pavilion Coordinators are juggling a full plate (and then some) out of a love for their community and culture, and passion for sharing it with you.

“This event is more than a festival to us – at this point, it’s an anchoring importance that allows generations of Italians to envelop themselves into a culture they can grow and blossom through every day,” states Cella Lao Rousseau, Media Coordinator, Italian Pavilion. “The Italian Pavilion is a place of generational knowledge and acceptance and encouragement. We are here to be a voice and a partner of multiculturalism and love, and more importantly: We are proud to be a part of Folklorama.”

“I’m looking forward to celebrating, connecting, and learning about the various cultures we have in Winnipeg,” states Delvinder Kaur, Pavilion Coordinator, Punjab Pavilion. “Volunteers are working hard to ensure we provide an enjoyable and safe experience. See you at a Pavilion!”

We will see you out and about at Pavilions soon! Haven’t bought your tickets yet? Find admission options here.