The Dynamic Duo at the Punjab Pavilion

Overseeing a pavilion for the August Festival is no small undertaking; it requires year-round planning and coordination with the community’s team and volunteers. Pavilion Coordinators are the oil that keeps the machines running smoothly, which is why many communities elect more than one Pavilion Coordinator.

Sunny Singh and Delvinder Kaur are the Co-Coordinators for the Punjab Pavilion. They’ve been involved in the community for many years, both having taken unique paths to get them where they are today.

Back when Delvinder was an international student, she recalls having heard of Folklorama, but had never experienced it for herself. She was told she had the perfect personality for Pavilion Ambassador. She applied, despite having no idea what she was getting herself into. To her delight, she was selected as ambassador in 2013. Her role as Pavilion Ambassador lead to other opportunities within the community; she held positions such as performer, emcee, cultural display chairperson, VIP services, and food chairperson. Over the years, she shadowed various elders and chairs, which sparked her interest in the Operations of the Pavilion.

Sunny became involved with Folklorama back in 2012 as an Audio/Video Coordinator. The following year, Sunny was elected as Adult Ambassador alongside Delvinder. He continued on as Audio/Video Coordinator until 2015, when he decided to take a break. Last year, Sunny was reunited with Delvinder for the 2019 Festival, both as Co-Coordinators.

“Folklorama is another family to me. I have spent the last 8 years and counting with these folks. I have seen children grow to be young adults and have the guidance of elders and the community.” Delvinder remarked “A family as important to me as my family in Singapore.”

Feeling a sense of community outside of a person’s immediate family can be a great source of belonging and pride – two reasons why Delvinder and Sunny agree that the countless hours they dedicate to volunteering doesn’t feel like a chore to them. Working with like-minded people that value inclusion, culture and the importance of acceptance, that ultimately contributes to the spirit of Winnipeg, is something that they’re both proud to be a part of. A sentiment, they believe, that is widespread throughout the Folklorama family.

Over the years, Delvinder and Sunny have shared in many joyous moments and created memories that they cherish; from building relationships with other coordinators and Board members at appreciation events, to recommending food, sharing cultural roots and greeting guests at the Pavilion.

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