Team Folklorama & Youth Volunteer Opportunities

There are some early childhood experiences that shape your life forever. For Dani Chase, it was her family’s passion for culture and their activeness in the community. While most toddlers were learning how to walk, she was being taught the old dance of her people; she was two and a half years old the first time she danced on a Folklorama stage.

Dani comes by her love of her heritage and the arts honestly; you could almost say her enthusiasm towards them are genetic. Growing up, her family was inextricably intertwined with their community; her sister was a dancer and her great aunt taught the Scandia Fun Folk Dancers group, a performing group at the Scandinavian Pavilion. Folklorama has been a part of her life for longer than she can remember.

Dani has always loved inviting others to take part in and experience her culture, and decided she wanted to reach even more people. She held the position of Youth Ambassador for the Scandinavian Pavilion twice, teaching pavilion guests all about the similarities and differences throughout the 5 regions represented.

When she heard about Team Folklorama, a platform for youth to keep in touch with each other throughout the year, while continuing their connection with the community, she didn’t hesitate to join, eager to be involved year-round.

“I knew right away it was something I wanted to do… not only because Folklorama has been such an influential part of my life, but also because it has given me incredible opportunities and experiences.”

Dani is creative and innovative, and finds the Youth Council to be an incredible outlet for her to share her ideas for the future of Folklorama and ensure there are opportunities to keep the youth involved. She enjoys going to different events and Cultural Connections meet ups, where she can continue to spread positivity and share her passion for culture with others – just like her family did with her.

When asked if she would recommend other youth to join Team Folklorama, Dani said “Go for it! Foklorama offers so many incredible opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in the community. It’s also an awesome way to make life long friends. So be open to meeting people and trying new things, whether it’s food or a dance – you will definitely enjoy it!”

Are you interested in joining a network of youth? To get involved with Team Folklorama, contact Katie Green at[email protected].