Cultural Preservation with Bola Oriyomi and Ariya Afrika Cultural Dancers

Sharing the Nigerian culture has always been important to Bola Oriyomi, founder of the Ariya Afrika Cultural Dancers group. When the initial group she was a part of dissolved in the early nineties, she wasn’t deterred from celebrating her heritage. Bola continued to dance, sing, and tell short stories about home – but this time, she was alone. Eventually her own children and their cousins joined in, accompanying her through dance and sharing their instrumental talents.

Bola’s dedication to educating audiences about the rich culture of Africa persisted, and in 1994, the Ariya Afrika Cultural Dancers group was born. Over time, young adults in her church community joined to make the Yoruba traditional culture more elaborate; currently the group is comprised of people whose ages range from 11 to 40 years old.

Viewers can expect to be educated by way of storytelling, gospel, traditional singing, drumming, dancing and play-acting when lucky enough to be in the audience! The group has been featured in performances with the African Communities of Manitoba and at the Africa Caribbean Pavilion during the annual Folklorama Festival.

 “Folklorama means a lot to me and Ariya Afrika. It broadens our horizon on cultural preservation and presentation of our own culture and others. It drives professionalism in us, impacting cultural positivity into our youth or younger generation globally.” – Bola Oriyomi

When asked why the group chose to become a member of Folklorama, they expressed their love for sharing the beautiful Yoruba culture and their appreciation for the opportunities Folklorama has given them to do just that.

“Our society at large, especially our younger generation needs to know the positivity in their own cultural background and of others. Folklorama creates the platform for cultural sharing with respect and love without traveling to different countries of the world.” – Bola Oriyomi

If you would like to join Folklorama family as a performing artist, contact Christian at [email protected] or call him at 204-982-6226.