Volunteer Profile: Sage Johar

For over five decades, Folklorama has been a sign of unity, bringing together individuals of all ages to promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity. It is the efforts of the passionate youth volunteers that will continue to keep the spirit of Folklorama alive for generations to come.

Sage Johar’s journey with Folklorama began at the age of three, when she graced the Punjab Pavilion stage with delightful dance. When Sage turned fourteen, she was awarded the opportunity to represent her community as the Pavilion Ambassador during the 52nd edition of the Folklorama Festival.

Reflecting on her time as ambassador, Sage reminisces, “My favourite Folklorama memories come from my time as ambassador for the Punjab Pavilion. I met so many people and the experience I obtained was incredible. Visiting other Pavilions, eating delicious cultural foods, and representing my own culture at various events are some of the things that I will always miss. I am grateful to have gotten that opportunity.”

As Sage’s tenure as Pavilion Ambassador ended, her commitment to volunteering remained steadfast. Transitioning seamlessly into an emcee role at the Punjab Pavilion the following summer, her presence illuminated the stage with her infectious enthusiasm. Intrigued by the Folklorama Youth Council’s mission, a council led by and for the youth, Sage seized the opportunity to further her involvement in Folklorama.

“Being a part of the youth council means a lot to me as it allows me to contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts and connect with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for cultural advocacy and community engagement,” states Sage.

For Sage, the Youth Council represents more than mere volunteerism; it is a conduit for effecting meaningful change in the community. When asked if she would recommend joining Youth Council to others, she said: “I would tell them to join Folklorama as a volunteer because as a youth, you will get the opportunity to connect, showcase creativity, and contribute to diversity. It is also a great way to gain experience, meet people, go to various Folklorama events, and represent your culture.”

Sage’s unwavering passion for sharing her culture is inspiring. Thank you, Sage, for your pursuit to grow and promote diversity and inclusion in Manitoba.