Custom Group Tour Profile: DLCCC

When Folklorama Group Tours come to mind, many envision a night out in Winnipeg, shuttling between two or three Pavilions with VIP treatment, and the delightful company of seasoned Tour Guides. However, in addition to the VIP Tours that can be purchased for independent travellers, one should not overlook the hidden gem that is the fully-personalized Custom Tours, a perfect choice for groups seeking a tailored experience.

A few years back, Melia Stevenson and her husband embarked on a memorable anniversary trip to Folklorama, igniting Melia’s desire to share the magic of Folklorama and Winnipeg with a group from The Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Centre (DLCCC). In the winter of 2023, Melia delved into researching hotels and venues, when she stumbled upon Folklorama’s Custom Tour program.

“I decided to book because the people on the other end of the phone were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful”, recalls Melia. “They helped me put together an itinerary, cost, and even a poster [to promote the tour].”

The clients of DLCCC, journeying from Minnesota, were treated to three action-packed days and evenings brimming with vibrant cultures, exploration of Winnipeg’s treasures, and immersive learning experiences. From hands-on cultural workshops like Spanish painting and captivating Nigerian storytelling sessions, to visits to local landmarks such as The Forks and the Royal Canadian Mint during the day, followed by evening tours of three Pavilions, the itinerary left no room for dull moments.

“The participants were in awe at how different each day and evening were. They were delighted to have the Tour Guide with his extra knowledge and fun personality. Of course, they liked the special entrance and avoiding the lines. We in the group tour were treated like royalty! The up close and personal Folklorama at Play was also a highlight. Watching my participants in awe was like a mother watching the wonder of her children’s faces on Christmas morning!”

If your group is seeking novel ways to connect and engage, or you’re envisioning a trip to Winnipeg in any season, look no further than Folklorama Custom Tours. We take the burden of planning off your shoulders, handling everything from reservations to logistics like accommodation and transportation. This ensures that you and your entire group can immerse yourselves in the vibrancy of Winnipeg’s cultural landscape, stress-free, and with every moment optimized for enjoyment.

“Taking the bus tour was the best way to visit Pavilions. Winnipeg is a beautiful city, and the tour guides do a wonderful job informing you of the history. Make it a yearly event. There is so much to see and do!” – Barb, DLCCC client.