Transforming CAA’s Vision into Reality with Folklorama at Work

On a wintry November evening in the heart of Winnipeg, a group witnessed a captivating transformation at a local community centre, courtesy of Folklorama at Work. The venue underwent a cultural fusion, seamlessly blending the vibrant tapestries of Portuguese and Spanish cultures in honour of a special event hosted by CAA Manitoba.

With a legacy spanning over 115 years, CAA Manitoba has been helping Canadians with an array of products and offerings, ranging from Roadside Assistance to comprehensive travel services and insurance.

In the detailed planning of an event designed to showcase an enticing travel group tour to Portugal and Spain, Novella Troia, a seasoned Travel Consultant at CAA, sought inspiration from Folklorama. She heard about Folklorama’s year-round Ethno-Cultural Arts program through a friend, which sparked the idea of infusing an interactive and authentic touch into the evening. As it turns out, it was the perfect fit.

Folklorama contributed four charismatic hostesses, embodying the essence of Portuguese and Spanish hospitality. Among them was Folklorama’s 2024 Ambassadors’ General, Judy Gravito Forbes, from the Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion.

The ambiance was set aglow by the melodies of Portuguese accordionist John Marques, whose lively tunes serenaded CAA’s clients throughout the night. Adding a dash of flair, the Spanish Folk Dancers – Sol de España – graced the gathering with a breathtaking Flamenco performance, a spectacle of colour and rhythm.

Novella Troia reflected on the success of the evening, expressing her delight: “The guests were thrilled with the experience. They all took photos with the beautiful Flamenco dancers and loved hearing the Portuguese music. The four hostesses that came were amazing with the clients – joking around and conversing about Portugal and Spain. They made the presentation better than any other I have done!”

Overall, the CAA event was a success. It proved to be a wonderful way to engage clients and promote the upcoming European trip, all while supporting local ethno-cultural artists.

A special thanks to CAA Manitoba for booking Folklorama at Work for your unforgettable celebration of two European cultures!

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