A Legacy of Volunteerism

Every year, the vibrant tapestry of the Folklorama Festival comes to life through the dedicated efforts of individuals from all walks of life. Among them, the Sampson family embody the multigenerational commitment to both their Caribbean heritage and spirit of volunteerism.

At the heart of this family legacy is Kerry Sampson, whose unwavering dedication has spanned over two decades. Each August, he transforms into the welcoming face at Guest Services of the Caribbean Pavilion. Kerry’s profound connection to Folklorama traces its roots back to his parents, who inspired his passion for giving back.

Reflecting on those early experiences, Kerry says “The seed of volunteerism was planted in me by my parents at a very young age. I was able to see them volunteer at Folklorama at the Cari-Cana Pavilion in the 1970s. My mother continues to volunteer to this day at the Caribbean Pavilion.”

For the Sampson family, Folklorama is more than just an annual event; it’s a cherished family tradition. Kerry proudly shares, “We have a large extended family, and each year, many of the Sampson family members, including my five brothers, take an active role in our Pavilion.”

The Festival has become a melting pot of shared memories for the family.

“I have so many fond memories over the 20 plus years, including watching my two sons and my nephew and niece playing in the steel band, our daughter and my nieces performing as carnival dancers and back-up limbo dancers.”

The rewards of volunteering with Folklorama are many, ranging from skill development to building connection in abundance. For Kerry, one of the most poignant aspects of his time volunteering each August was the time spent alongside his father.

“I will always cherish the memories of my father and I volunteering together at Guest Services,” he reflects. “He is no longer with us, but I am very fortunate to still have my mother and aunt volunteering at the VIP entrance.”

A heartfelt thank you is extended to Kerry Sampson and the entire Sampson family for their enduring dedication to the Caribbean Pavilion and Folklorama. Their commitment not only enriches the Festival but serves as an inspiration to others to embrace their cultural heritage and actively contribute to the vibrant tapestry of community life.

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