New Member Story: Mittal Joshi

Mittal Joshi, Folklorama’s newest performing member, is a food technologist by trade but a dancer by passion.

Joshi began dancing at seven years of age, studying the art of Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance). Since then, she has won several national and international dance competitions.

Joshi arrived in Canada from India in February 2022. Since arriving in Canada, Joshi has searched for ways to find further community connections, soon landing on Folklorama as a platform to share her culture and connect with others through the art of dance. Not only would she be able to share her own culture, but she could also learn and celebrate other cultures.

Folklorama provided her with a sense of community, and she knew she wanted to become a member.

“When my application was approved, I was so happy that I was on the clouds!” Said Joshi, “it feels like the biggest achievement so far as my first year of being a newcomer to Canada.”

Joshi vows to continue to share her culture with the community around her.

“Sharing culture helps me stay attached to my roots and values,” states Joshi. “It means being proud to say that you are proud of your culture. Sharing my culture brings me so much happiness. I feel as if I can truly connect with others around me. “

Folklorama is so proud to have Mittal Joshi join as a member of the Folklorama Family. The sense of community is an important part of what makes Folklorama so integral.

If you want to join as a performing member like Joshi, contact Katie Green, Coordinator, Member, and Festival Services, at [email protected].