Board Feature: Meet Bridget Peterson

Raised in the small community of Riverton, Bridget is a first-generation Canadian with Hungarian heritage. Only a few opportunities existed in the community to celebrate her cultural background outside of her home. Each summer, she would look forward to holidays with her grandparents to attend Folklorama and connect with the Hungarian community.  She has fond memories of these Folklorama experiences, as with a passport in hand, visiting all of the Pavilions truly felt like travelling around the world; that childhood excitement continues to this day!

After graduating high school and moving to the big City, she joined the Hungarian Kapiszstran Folk Ensemble of Winnipeg as a dancer. She became an Adult Ambassador with her brother for three years. With a desire to continue her family’s involvement, she started volunteering at Hungary-Pannonia Pavilion.  At first, she assumed the highly-sought-after role of dishwasher, and continued to take on increasing levels of responsibility, where she eventually became the Pavilion coordinator.

Bridget joined the Board in 2018. As a Folklorama Director, she has served as Chair of Membership, Licensing and participated on the Finance and Governance Committees.

Bridget Peterson is Property Administrator in the Planning, Property and Development Department at the City of Winnipeg and has more than 25 years of experience in property and facilities management.

Bridget and her husband, Chris enjoy spending time with family, fishing, travelling, and the occasional round of golf.