Member Profile: Neemu Egwah Inc.

Neemu-Egwah Inc. is a Winnipeg-based non-profit organization working with children in care and their foster parents, low-income families, newcomers, as well as agencies and companies seeking to contribute to the community to create relationships with the knowledge keepers in Aboriginal communities. They are also members of Folklorama.

They provide culture-focused programming and services on a multicultural level to help engage the community, build strong identities, and bring the right people together to bring about positive change for individuals and the community as a whole.

“Neemu Egwah Inc. has always greatly believed in leading by example and offering ways to be good medicine for the community, part of which is highlighted within the theme of the First Nations Pavilion, ” states Buffy-Pearl Handel, Executive Director of Neemu Egwah Inc. “We would like to contribute to the efforts in educating Canadians of the treaties, as this is also very important in living life with equality.”

Neemu-Egwah”, loosely translated from the Oji-Cree language, means “to bring the right energy and people together and move forward in a good way.” The elder who gave the name believes in ‘inclusion’ and dreams to see a day when Indigenous people live within their culture and that all people can find their great purpose along with their spirit is truly inspiring to many. From their cultural programming, traditional Pow Wows, scholarship fund, gala and the First Nations Pavilion at Folklorama, Neemu-Egwah Inc

Neemu Egwah Inc. was initially established by parents within the indigenous community who wanted to offer support for their children’s learning journey to better understand and appreciate their heritage. The parents’ first initiative was to host the indigenous Mardi Gras Pavilion.

“Celebrating culture is a fundamental aspect of our spiritual existence. We were placed on this earth to learn a variety of things, one of which is to live in harmony with all living things, including humans,” states Handel. “After experiencing a few traumatic years, many communities have found themselves in conflict due to various controversial ways of living. Neemu Egwah Inc. believes in leading by example and promoting positivity within the community.”

The First Nations Pavilion is one of the ways this is achieved. The Pavilion is thrilled to be participating in Folklorama 52 and will continue to promote diversity, inclusion, and positivity through a shared love for their culture and home.

Miigwech, Neemu Egwah Inc. for all you do.