Meet: Brian Clyne

The Folklorama Family is home to many talented ethno-cultural performers. One of those performers is Brian Clyne.

Brian Clyne is a proud member of the Pequis First Nation in Manitoba and has been sharing his culture through the art of dance. Over the past 32 years, Clyne has skillfully mastered the art of Indigenous hoop and traditional dance, which has carried him across the globe to share his culture.

When Clyne was young, his passion for dance grew as he learned more about the art of Indigenous dance from his Uncle Leo (Sweetpea) Starr. With his hoop designs, he started incorporating animal shapes into his dance routines, adding a unique and creative flair to his performances.

“Over the past 32 years I have been dancing, I’ve travelled the world,” said Clyne, “I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and throughout both the US and Canada.”

Now a familiar face in the Folklorama Family, Brian Clyne helps celebrate culture 365 days a year with the Folklorama Ethno-Cultural Arts programs. From workshops, public performances, and teaching young children with Folklorama at School, Clyne celebrating culture and diversity while teaching others about his heritage.

“I love going to schools to talk, teach and showcase my hoop dance.” states Clyne, “I love telling the stories of how the hoop dance started and teaching them one easy design to show them my full hoop dance routine.  I enjoy teaching anyone interested in trying – anyone can learn hoop dance!”

Through his family and Uncle Leo’s teachings, Clyne found his true calling in dance. He continues to inspire and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the art form.

“I really love where my hoops have taken me. My hoops have brought me so much more than I could ever imagine.” said Clyne, ” I met my common-law wife while I was on tour in Sweden, I have four beautiful children, and now they continue to share their own passion for dance.”

Folklorama thanks you, Brian. Not only are you an integral part of the Folklorama Family, but sharing your culture continues to be very inspiring to all.

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