Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: Over 25 Years Strong

On those warm summer evenings when Festival attendees sit down to an exclusive cultural beverage that reminds them of home, or they get a taste of that place they’ve never experienced, but have always wanted to visit, they can raise their glasses to our friends at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is a Crown corporation that operates throughout the province, with a focus on enriching the lives of people, communities, and businesses. Their profits go to the Province of Manitoba’s general revenue and support priority programming in areas like health care, education, social and community services.

When asked why they first became involved with Folklorama, they expressed their goal was to provide support and enhance the Festival by helping pavilion’s source unique cultural beverages from around the globe.

Not only have they been supporters for over 25 years, but they are also Folklorama fans!

The cultural displays, music and dance performances are always highlights of Folklorama. Although, we must say the food takes the cake (pun intended)!” – Bev Mehmel, Director, Corporate Responsibility

Over the years, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has supported Folklorama in a variety of ways; they are the proud sponsors of the Festival and Pavilion Entertainment; they are recognized as the title sponsor of the Casinos of Winnipeg Folklorama Kick-Off event at Assiniboine Park in July; they donated a prize to The Great Manitoba Social during our 50th edition, and have supported our volunteer network.

“Folklorama provides our corporation and more importantly, our employee volunteers, the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of Manitobans and visitors, and to experience and celebrate the diverse cultures that make up the fabric of our province.”  – Shirley Campbell, Manager, Development & Sponsorships

The two organization’s visions complement each other well; working together has been mutually beneficial, and allows both groups to enrich the lives of Manitobans through the celebration of diversity, arts and culture.

“Supporting Folklorama provides the opportunity for a company to reach a wide audience while aligning their brand with an internationally-recognized event that celebrates multiculturalism. When becoming a sponsor, companies should also consider benefits to their employees through volunteerism.” – Shirley Campbell, Manager, Development & Sponsorships

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Folklorama, contact Teresa Cotroneo at