Folklorama at Home: The Virtual Experience Goes Live

On Friday, April 9th, after three months of incredible YouTube shows, Folklorama launched their next chapter of the Folklorama at Home: The Virtual Experience with live workshops on Friday nights on Zoom.

“The decision to move to this new platform was an easy one”, states Christian Hidalgo-Mazzei, Director, Ethno-Cultural Arts, Folklorama. “We had over 3,000 people take part in the YouTube shows. After we surveyed them, we knew the demand was there.”

With programs like Métis Floral Beading, Ukrainian Egg Decorating, Ethiopian Coffee Roasting, and more, the line-up has received attention across Canada.

“We have had people join us from Dauphin, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, as far as Alberta and more”, states  Hidalgo-Mazzei. “It’s wonderful to see people wanting to learn about different cultures while allowing Folklorama to create an income for local artists and business who provide the kits to participate.”

More and more workshops are being added. Stay tuned to Folklorama’s website and social media for the latest information.

If you have a great idea for a workshop, contact Christian Hidalgo-Mazzei, Director, Ethno-Cultural Arts today! He can be reached at [email protected], or 204-982-6226.