Drum Cafe’s Jay Stoller Returns to Ghana

Drum Café’s Jay Stoller

If you’ve ever been to the Folklorama Kick-Off Event, seen the Folklorama Wednesday performances at Portage Place, or stepped foot in the Africa Pavilion, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing work that Jay and his group do.

“When Drum Café performs, I always tell the audience that in a traditional setting, nobody sits down to watch the drumming and dancing – everyone is involved.” States Stoller, “Joining in and becoming one with the experience is truly part of the celebration.”

This sort of community and experience is exactly what should be celebrated when Drum Café performs. Drum Café has been getting people to jump up and move their feet since 2006 and has been a favorite in a wide arrange of Folklorama programs.

Drum Café offers a wide range of entertainment options that are suitable 365 days a year. With the Folklorama at Work program, Stoller can create an interactive team-building presentation that includes the ability for everyone to play their drum to hear their sound.

Each experience is unique and has been adjusted for the participants. They have a little something for everyone which often includes leaving with new knowledge of some of the traditions of West Africa.

After years of being unable to travel, Jay Stoller of the well-beloved Drum Café is returning to Ghana to connect more with the culture he loves.

To book Stoller and experience the wonders of Drum Café for yourself – when he isn’t exploring Ghana, of course, click the link below: