Tour Guide Profile: Melanie D.

There are so many unique volunteer opportunities that occur during the Folklorama Festival, but there are also other events that happen 365 days a year that require volunteers! From working in the Folklorama Operations office, event assistance, or being a Tour Guide for groups of tourists or even local companies organizing an employee fun event. One of those incredible Tour Guides is Melanie Davlut.

Born in Russell, Manitoba, Melanie has always been passionate about people. Her smile brightens the room everywhere she goes, and she makes everyone feel welcome. Her daytime job is teaching English as an additional language, so her love for different cultures and helping people has always been strong.

She has always loved Folklorama and even attended when she lived in Brandon. Upon returning from working in Japan for eight years, she decided to venture out independently to check it out.

“One night, I was at the Greek pavilion, and I met Rosemarie Todaschuk, a tour guide with a group,” states Davlut. “We started talking, and she told me about her volunteer work with Folklorama.  I was interested, so I e-mailed asking about volunteer opportunities. In 2005, I started doing this.  It was so much fun, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

During the Folklorama Festival, the Folklorama Operations team works with Davlut’s schedule to find the perfect fit for her to lead different tour groups. These groups can be from all over Canada, the U.S., or even families getting a bus together for a special celebration. She meets the group, makes sure they get on the bus, and then along with the bus driver, tour different Pavilions throughout the night. Along the way, Davlut shares fun facts about Winnipeg and interacts with the passengers.

“I think that it is so wonderful that we have so many cultures in Canada to showcase, and Folklorama is a great way to experience them,” states Davlut.  “I have met so many wonderful people (my fellow Tour Guide members who are like family), interesting people on group tours (I’ve even run into some who were from my hometown or found connections to my past that I didn’t know).  It is such a fun experience.  I even tour-guided the week after my wedding and when I was pregnant!  It is so exciting to share information and stories about Folklorama and to connect with people and hope they keep coming back because they had a great experience.”

Thank you to Melanie and the rest of Folklorama’s volunteer community for sharing your time and talents to show how beautiful the fabric of Manitoba is to the world.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Folklorama, complete an application today. Click here to read more.