Partner Profile: CTV, Virgin 103.1, and 99.9 Bounce FM

It’s more than music, talk, and television; it’s the passion for Folklorama and community that flows across the airwaves that makes the partnership with CTV, Virgin 103.1, and 99.9 Bounce FM so successful.

“Every year, we sit down to assemble the Folklorama Festival Marketing plan,” states Tanya Williams, Director, Marketing, Communications, and Engagement. “CTV, Virgin 103.1, and 99.9 Bounce FM bring with them not only incredible talent, but a behind-the-scenes production crew that believes and practices the mission and vision of Folklorama.”

From creating an opportunity for Pavilion Ambassadors to record a commercial in the CTV Winnipeg studios, to programming two solid weeks of live broadcasts in the morning and during the evening news, to recording and producing the Pavilion welcome messages, to hosting our special events like the Casino of Winnipeg’s Folklorama Kick-Off, to recording the television and radio commercials, the television and radio teams are excited to assist.

Thank you, CTV, Virgin 103.1, and 99.9 Bounce FM, for over 40 years (combined) of incredible support.

Does your company want to be a part of celebrating diversity in Manitoba? Contact Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations and Partnerships today at [email protected].