Go Local: Beaver Bus Lines Partnership

Supporting local has always been important to Folklorama and the partnership with Beaver Bus has been the backbone of the tour business for decades.

Beaver Bus Lines is 100% Manitoba owned and operated and their story is one of inspirational entrepreneurship for generations to come.

As a young man, Founder, John J Fehr worked as a bus driver for an intercity bus company, driving through most of rural Manitoba. In 1956, he ventured as far as Mexico with a tour, which at that time, was something rarely done. Eventually, he went on to establish himself in an insurance agency, but never forgot the joy of driving a bus tour.

In 1972, together with his wife Mary, they purchased a bus company: Beaver Bus Lines. In 1979, he focused on the touring business established Fehr-Way Tours with his daughter and son- in-law Sandra and Dale Janzen. This was the beginning of an idea that eventually developed into Beaver Bus Lines/Fehr-Way Tours, a charter tour and transportation company that has grown to be the largest in Manitoba.

Today it’s still a family operation with son, John David Fehr in charge of the daily operations of Beaver Bus Lines and together with a great experienced staff ensure that their customers receive quality service!

“When Beaver Bus lines were approached to be the transportation provider for Folklorama, they jumped at the chance,” states Rick Brown, Charter Sales Manager with Beaver Bus Lines. “Fast forward to today, and during a typical Festival year, we provide 100-110 buses. It’s an incredible feat on both sides.”

As a 41-year veteran, Brown and his team always get excited around the Folklorama Festival time.

“We love our strong partnership with Folklorama and what it stands for,” states Brown. “Our drivers jump at the chance to be apart of it. Some of their wives have even volunteered to be Tour Guides during the Festival. It’s truly a company-wide passion.”

The coordination of all the tours and the buses during the Folklorama Festival takes a lot, but Beaver Bus Lines makes it easy.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Rick and his team at Beaver Bus Lines,” states Teresa Cotroneo, Executive Director, Folklorama. “They have been providing both the transportation needs during the Festival but are also our partner for tour groups that come in throughout the year that want a custom Folklorama experience. The friendly, outgoing, and experienced drivers make every charter experience exceptional for our groups.”

Brown feels that working with Folkorama is not just a job or business it is just plain fun.

If your company would like to get involved with Folklorama, contact Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partnerships today a [email protected]. Join us today and make a difference.