Volunteer Tale – Beth Syrnyk

Volunteers are the very centre of Folklorama. With countless cultures to celebrate, all Folklorama volunteers proudly represent a part of the fabric that makes Folklorama is special. Part of this fabric is Folklorama volunteer Beth Syrnyk.

Syrynk has been a long-time attendee of the Folklorama Festival; however, her volunteer journey began in 2019 at the Egyptian Pavilion.

“My first year, I was helping in the kitchen and at the cultural display sharing knowledge about Egypt,” states Syrnyk. “This past year, I was responsible for keeping the party going before and after the show by entertaining the guests!”

In her spare time, Syrnyk is a dancer, and artist and live representation what Folklorama represents.

“I loved meeting the many people who make the event possible,” Said Syrnyk. “Other volunteers, the participants, the guests, everyone is always so excited to share their culture and guests are excited to learn.”

Learning about other cultures is what Folklorama is truly about. Whether it’s dancing the night away at the Egyptian Pavilion, trying the cuisine at the Punjab Pavilion, or learning about the rich heritage at the Scandinavian Pavilion, you’re bound to return home with an increased knowledge and cultural understanding no matter what Pavilions you attend.

Thank you, Beth for your continued support of Folklorama. Your excited to share and help is inspiring.

If you want to get more involved in the celebration of culture like Beth, contact Katie Green, Coordinator Member & Festival Services at [email protected]