Vickar Automotive Group – Partners in Community Leadership

For over four decades, Vickar Automotive Group has been a cornerstone of the Winnipeg community. The dealership’s mission has always been to give back to the community it serves. Vickar’s philanthropic efforts extend to numerous organizations, including Folklorama.

“Folklorama is honoured to be partnered with Vickar Automotive Group, “ states Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partnership. “Their dedication to giving back to their community has

helped continue to make the Folklorama Festival a success.”

As the Vickar community expanded over the years, so did their dedication to serving the public. With their diverse workforce and involvement in several ethnic communities’ charitable work, developing a partnership directly with Folklorama seemed like the next natural step. For over six years, Vickar Automotive Group has been a significant Partner and contributor to the Folklorama Festival.

“At Vickar Automotive Group, we are inspired to partner with Folklorama because of our shared vision of celebrating cultural diversity and fostering community spirit.” Said Larry Vickar, President, Vickar Automotive Group.  “Folklorama’s commitment to showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures mirrors our dedication to serving a diverse community.”

This partnership demonstrates the strength of communities when members collaborate and come together to gain a deeper understanding of one another, accept all individuals, and appreciate differences. With Vickar’s support, the Festival carries on its mission of promoting diversity and cultural awareness throughout the city.

“Some of our favourite things about our partnership with Folklorama include the art, music, and dance that captivate our senses and the genuine smiles we see from attendees year after year.” Says Vickar,  “It’s a true testament to the power of coming together.”

Thank you to Vickar Automotive Group for their ongoing support of Folklorama.