Partnering with Folklorama

The start of the 2023 year is an excellent time for companies to look for ways to expand their portfolio and invest in diversity. It’s a great time to partner with a community organization like Folklorama.

With Folklorama, there is passion and education with a focus on diversity, strong brand awareness, and relationships with some of the country’s most respected ethno-cultural communities and artists.

Here’s what some of Folklorama’s partners had to say:

Cambrian Credit Union

“Supporting and being involved in the (Folklorama) Ambassador’s General Program has been motivating for our team,” states Jennifer MacKenzie, Senior Associate, Communications & Community Engagement. “Hearing people express how Folklorama has impacted their life and allowed them to share their culture and learn from others is truly inspiring. It helps foster a sense of belonging and community, which is exactly why Cambrian supports organizations like Folklorama. Their programs help shape many new experiences in building connections through leadership and volunteerism for people in our province.”


“Folklorama teaches about diversity which is a big part of the Access culture,” states Graham Martin, Operation Manager, Manitoba, Access.  “We love what Folklorama stands for and everything they do to incorporate diversity and promoting cultural understanding in the Manitoban Community.”

Be a part of something that’s making a difference in communities across Winnipeg and Manitoba. Be a part of the Folklorama family.


Learn more by contacting Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partners, via e-mail at [email protected] or call 204-982-6234.