Ethno-Cultural Arts Feature: Inka Warriors Dance Group

The newest Folklorama Performing Members, the Inka Warriors Dance Group have hit the ground running and are already getting ready for their first Folklorama “at” School performance!

We spoke with Alexandra Mojorovich to learn a little more about the group and their journey to becoming a new Folklorama Member.

“As immigrants, we understand the need to showcase strength and power in building a new home without losing our cultural roots,” said Mojorovich. “Our dance group serves as a space to connect with our rich heritage, leaving a legacy for future generations.”

The Inka Warriors Dance group is a tribute to the Inka culture that once expanded across South America. Drawing inspiration from the Inka’s strong organizational skills, provider spirit, astrology, and advanced building techniques, they bring a piece of this heritage to Winnipeg through the art of dance.

The group offers 4 different types of performances:

  • Costa Dance: Experience the coastal Marinera rhythms that echo the waves of our homeland.
  • Jungle Dance: Let the beats transport you to the heart of the Amazon, where the jungle comes alive.
  • Ventriloquist Myths: Explore ancient tales through the art of ventriloquism, bringing Inkas myths to life in a unique way.
  • Live Instrumental Performance: Feel the resonance of traditional instruments as our Cajon aperuano (Peruvian box).

Mojorovich also spoke of her own experience with Folklorama.

“I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with Folklorama for the past two years, each time with different vendors. These experiences have ignited my passion for cultural exchange,” said Mojorovich. “With my deep connection to Peruvian culture, a strong network of friends who share this passion, and a background in the arts, I created the dance studio to be able to share my culture.”

Her initiative continues to enrich the cultural diversity showcased within both Folklorama Memberships and our Ethno-Cultural Arts division to showcase the rich tapestry of culture that is Peru.

The Inka Warriors will be showcasing that culture with Folklorama at School at the University of Winnipeg’s PACE Cultural evening. Folklorama is proud to welcome our new members and showcase Peruvian culture.

If you want to learn more about Peruvian culture and book the Inka Warriors for your show or event, contact [email protected].