Dancing for Culture with Afro-Caribbean Dancers

If you’ve ever experienced the rising temperatures at the Africa Caribbean Pavilion in August, you’ve witnessed the veracious performances from the Afro-Caribbean Dancers – a group skilled at bringing crowds to their feet.

The dance group was formed in 1970 under the direction of Mr. Sid Kirwan, who worked with the local youth to create, connect, and inspire. Mr. Kirwan was a dynamic member of the Afro-Caribbean Association of Manitoba, one of the first four organizations to become a member of Folklorama.

“This gave us an opportunity to share our cultural talents with others,” states Errol Bryan, First Vice President, Afro-Caribbean Association of Manitoba “Which we hope to foster a good understanding and human relationship between other nations and individuals.”

Since their inception in the ‘70s, the Afro-Caribbean Dancers have had several mentors and leaders. Both the junior and senior male and female performers have helped make the dance team the established, versatile group they are today. Their styles include calypso, contemporary, reggae and gospel, as well as others that will surprise and delight you.

“Their enthusiasm, imaginative choreography and high standard of excellence have helped them to earn an enviable reputation wherever they perform”, states Errol “Versatility is reflected through their dances, which are African and Caribbean in nature.”

The group has danced around Manitoba and the United States, but a standout, favourite performance from their memories was when they were invited to perform at the 21st Independence Celebration in Jamaica.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the group has been unable to perform together or travel, but the close-knit members and friends remain connected through virtual gatherings.

If you would like to join Folklorama family as a member, contact Katie Green at [email protected].