2022 Mark and Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence Recipients

“What is a philanthropist?” Lawrence Cohen poses the question in a small circle of people. Eventually, the group land on a unanimous conclusion that philanthropy is giving back to your community with the means that you can. Whether it’s time, money, or knowledge, a philanthropist helps to grow and better their community.

In the circle are Lawrence Cohen, executor of the Mark & Dorothy Danzker estate, and Peter Parjobi, Chair of the Folklorama Scholarship Committee, along with the seven recipients (missing, one) of the Mark and Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence.

Together with the Jewish Foundation, Folklorama is pleased to be able to annually present the Mark and Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence, an award of excellence for ethno-cultural heritage preservation. This scholarship honors the memory of philanthropist and former Winnipeg councillor MarkDanzker and his wife, Dorothy. Both of them were outstanding citizens, and even in their passing continue to give back to their community.

Each 2022 recipient has volunteered in the community, performed well academically, and has demonstrated an active involvement in preserving their own cultural heritage. The circle is sprinkled with attire from different cultures and backgrounds. This year’s recipients are:

Alexandra Finnbogason

Danielle Marie Borbajo

Divya Sharma

Jasper Bain

Marysa Fosty

Norah Eldridge

Vivian Shen

Sehgeet Kaur Thind

Along with asking what a philanthropist is, The Folklorama Team also asked a few of our recipients what being awarded this scholarship means to them.

Danielle Marie Borbajo spoke of being honored to receive the reward, “My goal in life is always to bring representation and have my culture be seen through everyday media and whatever I do.”

The Mark and Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence was another way for her to bring representation for both her and her culture.

“Receiving this scholarship means that I’ve been encouraged to continue sharing my culture, and that’s something that I’m going to carry forward,” states Vivian Shen. “I also know that I have a place to point people in my community to (Folklorama) so that they can also be awarded and can celebrate their culture.”

Promoting cultural understanding and maintaining the celebration of diversity is what we always strive to accomplish at Folklorama. Awarding funds to youth in the community to help further their education and inspire them to continue preserving their own ethno-cultural heritage is a way to do just that.

The Folklorama Family wants to send a big congratulations to all of the 2022 recipients of the Mark and Dorothy Danzker Scholarship for Excellence. Your hard work and dedication to preserving your culture are recognized and appreciated!

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