PROforming with Folklorama

If you have ever seen some of Folklorama’s incredible volunteers dressed in colourful golf shirts or received a Folklorama promotional gift, you have PROforma Pure Promotions to thank for their assistance.

PROforma Pure Promotions is a leader in the Promotional Products Industry.  They specialize in finding products and services that businesses need to keep an edge over their competition. They supply over 1 million unique, custom decorated products with whatever is needed for your brand.

“When the opportunity to partner with Folklorama became available I was delighted to be selected to work with an organization that I literally grew up with and loved”, states Kristen Atamanchuk, PROforma Pure Promotions. “It’s important and a privilege to be partnered with an organization who are leaders in their industry and whose vision includes respect and appreciation for culture and diversity.  The messaging of these values resonates with PROforma as we are a company with a diverse cultural background with over 750 locations worldwide including Winnipeg.”

Witnessing her products come to life and spending time at the pavilions has really meant a lot to Atamanchuk.

“I’ve been enjoying the amazing experience of Folklorama ever since I can remember; so many special moments captured with family and friends, new and old!  Each memory is so special and unique.”

If you would like more information on how to partner with Folklorama or learn more about PROforma Pure Promotions, contact Teresa Cotroneo today at