Local Supporting Local: Signcraft Display

During those first two weeks in August when you’re driving your usual route and you spot a branded feather flag waving outside of the community centre, church, or school and you’re reminded of the great pavilion that lives there, think of Signcraft Display.

Signcraft Display is a family owned business that has been working closely with both small organizations and large corporations since 1993. They strive to provide exceptional services and experiences on a diverse range of products including signage, branding and large format digital printing.

Signcraft and Folklorama have been working closely together since 2013. After Folklorama approached the local business to assist with pavilion branding, the idea for those iconic feathered flags outside the pavilions was brought to life. With support from Signcraft, Folklorama is able to have first-rate pavilion signage and displays, vehicle graphics, and other custom projects for both the festival and year-round initiatives.

The Folklorama family is appreciative of Signcraft’s dedication and hard work on every project, their respect of tight deadlines, and the ongoing partnership. The Signcraft Display family loves learning about and experiencing all of the different cultures and delicious authentic cuisine from during the festival.

“I would recommend sponsoring Folklorama to any company that wants to help contribute to this amazing world-renown event and is interested in getting more involved in the community. It’s great to get to know everyone at Folklorama and learn more about what they do, and getting to enjoy the pavilions and special sponsor events are a great added bonus!” – Patrick White

Join the Folklorama Family! Become a sponsor today. Contact Teresa Cotroneo at tcotroneo@folklorama.ca or 204-982-6210.