Hands Raised, Minds Engaged: Mary Kardash Children’s Center

Looking for a fun educational experience for children has become easier with Folklorama At School.

Launched in May, Folklorama At School encourages hands-on and engaging learning in the classroom, daycare or day camp! Through workshops and performances, our ethno-cultural entertainers will take your students or groups (of any age) on a cultural adventure they’ll never forget! The program is designed to help students appreciate and respect cultural differences, and motivate students to take pride in their own cultural heritage, all while meeting with the Manitoba curriculum.

Mary Kardash Children’s Center was the first to raise their hand and book.

“One of the reasons for booking was that due to the pandemic, we could not take our children on outings like we usually do.” states Colleen, Assistant Director, Mary Kardash Children’s Centre. “Booking Folklorama worked as they came to us and we could do most shows outside.”

Since May, the Children’s Centre has booked five Folklorama At School events and have had performers Fubuki Daiko, Shanley Spence, McConnell Irish Dancers, Jay Stoller (Drum Café), and India School of Dance, Music and Theater.

When the children were asked what they thought, there were so many great moments mentioned. From the dancing to the drumming, and all the interactions at a safe distance – each performance was unique and kept them engaged.

But the takeaways are bigger than just entertainment.

“Programs like these are so important as they teach children diversity and expose them to other parts of the world beyond their own,” states Colleen. “It offers opportunity for conversations about the countries the dances come from and a chance to identify with people that may look like them or someone they know.”

From general performance to interaction at a safe Covid-careful distance, Folklorama can customize each school/centers experience to meet all curriculum needs.

“I would definitely, and have already told other centres in the area about our experience with Folklorama. It was so much fun, entertaining, and engaging. The children had a ton of fun!”

Book your Folklorama At School program now by bookings@folklorama.ca, or call 204-982-6210.