Feeding the Soul: 10 Folklorama Family Recipes to Try

When it comes to food, traditions vary from place to place, culture to culture – but one things remains the same: food memories feed the soul.

Bring the world to your kitchen by learning about different cultures and traditions while enhancing your cookbook while you are at it!

Enjoy these special recipes and memories straight from the Folklorama Family.

Potica (Slovenian Nut Roll)

Submitted by: Bernie Lozar

“Potica (po-tee-sa) is a Slovenian nut roll, it’s a celebratory bread baked for almost every important occasion. It resembles a jelly roll and is made of very thinly rolled yeast dough spread with a nut paste (I like my dough to be thicker) . The nut paste or filling may differ from region to region and can include chopped walnuts, pecans, poppy seeds, honey, butter, and dried fruits.”

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Caribbean Sorrel Drink

Submitted by: Donovan Martin

“Sorrel— belongs to the hibiscus family and is a short shrub that bears flowers quite like the hibiscus. Once the flower falls off, the calyx at the base of the flower swells and thickens and grows to cover the seed capsule. This cover is what we know as sorrel and is used in the delicious drink of the same name. The sorrel flower is in full bloom at Christmas time in most of the Caribbean so that’s one of the reasons it’s traditionally considered a holiday drink. But with dried sorrel being manufactured and exported, you can have this delicious drink all year round. The flavour of Sorrel is like cranberry and raspberry with a hint of pineapple.”

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Chinese Egg Tarts

Submitted by: Wynne Au

“Chinese Egg Tarts are not really a “Holiday Recipe”, but it’s certainly considered a culturally staple bakery item when visiting with family, friends, and colleagues.  In Hong Kong where everyone walks or takes the metro, at every stop there will be a bakery for folks to pick-up a bit to eat en route or to purchase a box of fresh baked goodies to whomever they are visiting.”

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Punjabi Channa Batura

Submitted by: Delvinder Kaur

“In a Punjabi household during a festivity, everyone should know that mithai (sweets) is a big must! Another dish you will commonly see is Daal (lentil curry, usually green) in any occasion! All kinds of dishes are cooked in various homes, how is it decided…well simple! Channa Batura is a dish fills you up for the day which is perfect for holidays as we have all day to digest it. We usually eat this for brunch or lunch depending on the time everyone is up. After having this dish, you don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day.”

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Scandinavian Finnish S (Ässät) Cookies

Submitted by: Leah Romu

“Finnish S Cookies are a traditional treat during Christmas and throughout the winter season thanks to its sweet cinnamon kick. These biscuits played a big role in my childhood. Or as big as a biscuit could play, my great grandmother used to make them, and they still make me think of her and the times we spend with her. We often enjoyed eating these cookies sitting around the kitchen table playing cards, on a chilly day. My dad says that these cookies go best with a strong cup of hot Finish coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate). It is a tradition in my family to teach the next generation how to bake the cookies, my great grandma taught my grandpa, my grandpa taught my dad, and my dad taught me. Cookies made with the love of a family always taste best! Hyvää joulua! Merry Christmas!”

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Croatian Kiflice Vanilla Cresent Cookies

Submitted by: Krista Magdic

“These cookies have been made through generations in my mother in laws family. She has made them every year as a Christmas treat. When we lived away from Manitoba, we could guarantee that these cookies would be mailed to us, so that our Christmas felt like home. Now we make them as a reminder of coming together as a family.”

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Sarma (Croatian Sour Cabbage Rolls)

Submitted by: Krista Magdic

“These are served every year for Christmas and have become a symbol of all special occasions. They are a labour of love, and with patience and practice can be perfected. Don’t worry if one or 2 open up during cooking, these are the cooks portions.”

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Quick Shrimp Stir-Fry

Submitted by: Calvin Loi

“Though this is not typical traditional Chinese cuisine, it is the dish that I was make to bring to our family gatherings and celebrations for key holidays.”

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Pancit Canton (Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles)

Submitted by: Elsie Grennier

“Pancit Canton is a great tasting Filipino Noodle dish. It is often served during birthdays and special occasions to symbolize long life. Aside from the symbolism, it is perfectly delicious.

Pancit Canton is a type of Lo Mein or tossed noodles. This actual noodles are called flour sticks; it is prepared with several ingredients, which makes it look and taste very festive. This particular Pancit Canton Recipe makes use of sliced pork, sausage, and shrimp. It also has different kinds of vegetables that make it colorful.”

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Ba Bao Fan (Eight-Treasure Glutinous Chinese Rice Pudding)

Submitted by: Vivian Shen

“Ba Bao Fan (also sometimes known as rice pudding or “Eight-Treasure Glutinous Rice Pudding”) is a traditional Chinese dish popular in Southern China. It’s made of sweetened glutinous rice with red bean paste, and decorated with a variety of toppings (hence, the name “eight-treasure”). Although we don’t traditionally celebrate Christmas as part of Chinese culture, this dish is eaten during Chinese New Year.

This recipe is based on the way my grandparents have always made Ba Bao Fan in my family. Chinese cooking doesn’t typically use recipes, so the measurements are fairly lax and can be adjusted to preference. The end result should be a hearty and sweet dome-shaped dish.”

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