Vickar Automotive Group: Caring About Community

Vickar Automotive Group has been a leader in Winnipeg’s community for over 40 years, with a focus on giving back to those that they serve. The dealerships have been built around community-orientated individuals who give selflessly of their time to improve where they live.

Vickar’s involvement with Folklorama began many years ago at the pavilion level. The organization sponsored a few of the long running pavilions such as the Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavilion, the Israel Pavilion – Shalom Square, the Russian Pavilion and the First Nations Pavilion.

As the Vickar community grew and expanded over the years, so did their commitment to the public. With Vickar’s diverse workforce and charitable work in a few different ethnic communities, the evolution of the partnership just seemed like the right next step forward. Vickar Automotive Group has been a major contributor and sponsor of the Folklorama Festival for just over four years now!

“It was a true hand-in-glove fit to engage with an organization that celebrates Winnipeg’s ethnicity and diversity” – Larry Vickar, Vickar Automotive Group, President

This mutual partnership showcases how communities thrive when members work together to achieve a greater understanding of one another, embrace all people and celebrate differences. With support from Vickar, the Festival is able to continue its mission of spreading positivity, inclusivity and cultural awareness in all corners of the city.

Vickar team members are also positively impacted by their employer’s community centric approach. When asked what their favourite part of being involved with the Folklorama Festival is, the team members came back with “excellent entertainment, the enthusiastic volunteers, and food! Food! Food!”  

“Supporting Folklorama provides the opportunity for a company to reach a wide audience while aligning their brand with an internationally-recognized event that celebrates multiculturalism. When becoming a sponsor, companies should also consider benefits to their employees through volunteerism.” Larry Vickar, Vickar Automotive Group, President

If your company would like to get involved with Folklorama, contact Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partnerships today a [email protected]. Join us today and make a difference.