Helping to Create Connection

There are so many things that happen behind the scenes at Folklorama that are quite special. From entire families that help coordinate Pavilions to generations that are a part of the entertainment. Community is truly at the heart of it all.

In 2019, a program was put in place to help immigrants and refugees get to know our Folklorama family. Manitoba Hydro was the first to raise its hand and be involved.

With the assistance of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba and N.E.E.D.S. (Newcomer Employment Education Development Services), the Manitoba Hydro – Folklorama Newcomer Welcome Initiative provides newcomers to Manitoba passes to attend Folklorama events.

“Manitoba Hydro is sponsoring the Folklorama Newcomer Welcome Initiative to not only help meet our corporate goal of embracing diversity and inclusion but to help new Canadians adjust more easily to their new home,” states Jackie Britton, Manitoba Hydro Community Investment Representative. “We know immigrating to a new country is stressful. The Newcomer Welcome Initiative makes that journey less complicated through Folklorama building a sense of community with new Canadians. As the province’s energy provider, our support also allows us to share electrical safety information and carbon monoxide awareness, such as the importance of having a carbon monoxide alarm in residence.”

Through its Community Investment program, Manitoba Hydro is committed to supporting events and activities that align with its mission to make the province a better place for everyone to live, work, and go to school. Over the years, Manitoba Hydro has sponsored Folklorama’s Northern Initiatives projects and assisted with the initial kick-off of the Ethno-Cultural Arts Division Folklorama at School activities as well as volunteer programs like Team Folklorama.

“As a Crown corporation, our support of Folklorama helps Manitoba Hydro meet its foundational principles of safety, environmental leadership, and respect for each other”, states Britton. “We’re also committed to achieving and maintaining a workforce that reflects the demographics of the communities we serve. For us, it not only creates a more open work environment that goes beyond employment equity but a workplace where differences are accepted and celebrated.”

“Working with companies like Manitoba Hydro who have a focus on making our community that much stronger is inspiring,” states Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partnerships. “Folklorama is grateful to Manitoba Hydro for creating connections that can last a lifetime.”

If you want to assist in creating connections with your organization and Folklorama, contact Kim Morphy today at