Group Tours: Marcie’s Mob

When it comes to putting events together for your friends, Marcie Van de Vorst could be trendsetting when she put together her own Folklorama tour with the help of the Folklorama Group Tours program.

“Marcie’s Mob”, a name her husband invented fitting to her eclectic group of friends, started a few years ago when they heard about a new way to see Folklorama.

“I first learned about the tours when my husband and I were invited by my niece to join the tour a friend had booked,” states Van de Vorst. “We enjoyed it very much. The next year, the friend chose to book a tour, but we couldn’t attend so I started booking and asking friends and family to join. Now it’s a tradition.”

Now entering their third year, Marcie’s Mob is counting down until their tour this summer.

“I cannot stress enough how easy it is to book a tour”, states Van de Vorst. “The (Folklorama) folks just make it so uncomplicated. I sent an email and a few days later we were booked. We all love the ‘no fuss, no muss, no bother’ part of touring the Pavilions. The tour bus picks you up and drives the group to all the Pavilions so you can enjoy the evening. You get escorted to your table (no waiting in long lines).  You get served your food and beverage (the decision is made for you, so no time is wasted trying to figure out what to have), and we have never been disappointed in the Pavilion’s food or beverage choices. And, when the evening is done, you are returned to your pickup spot so you can head home. Food and beverages at each Pavilion are included with the tour price, which is amazingly affordable.”

Thank you to Marcie and her “mob” for their ongoing support of Folklorama. We love this tradition and look forward to you travelling with us again this year!

If you are interested in putting together your own custom tour for a girls’ night out, bachelorette party, birthday, family reunion, or even an anniversary party, contact our Group Tours program today at 204-982-6215 or via e-mail at